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Warsaw. Magdalena Biejat about the idea for city apartments for rent

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The increase in apartment prices in Warsaw is increasing. It even threatens the development of the city, fewer and fewer people can afford an apartment – said Magdalena Biejat, candidate of the Left and urban movements for president of the capital. If Biejat wins the elections, he will focus on city apartments for rent.

During a joint conference, Biejat and candidates for the Warsaw Council from the Left argued at the headquarters of the Miasto Jest Nasze association that the obligations of the current city president, Rafał Trzaskowski (PO), regarding local government housing construction have not been fulfilled.

You can't afford to buy, but you can't afford to rent either

– More and more people cannot afford to rent an apartment on the commercial market on their own. After an unequal struggle with the housing market in Warsaw, more and more people decide to leave to look for development elsewhere. Because they simply cannot afford to live here in decent conditions and start a family, said Biejat.

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She added that this can be seen in the example of teachers. – Today, fewer people who want to be teachers, who want to work here, can afford to live in Warsaw when they start their career. Education experts in Warsaw talk about it. She studies here, starts her career as a teacher, gains experience, but leaves very quickly, she noted.

– We want to stop the increase in apartment prices in Warsaw – announced the candidate for president of the capital. She added that the proposed solutions are intended to provide an alternative for those who cannot afford a loan, but at the same time do not meet the criteria for municipal or social housing. We are also talking about people for whom access to the rental market is difficult: single mothers, pet owners, people with disabilities. – These are groups that need an alternative, they need institutional rentals, city apartments built just for them – she explained.

Apartments for people with average incomes

The electoral program of the Left and urban movements assumes that apartments for long-term rental would be built by the established company Mieszkanie Warszawskie. The plan envisages that the rents of these apartments would be regulated and moderate – e.g. PLN 1.5 thousand per month for a two-room apartment.

According to Biejat and the Left's candidates for councilors, the annual cost of building these two thousand apartments on city-owned land would amount to PLN 350 million. The remaining funds would come from the subsidy fund of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The candidate pointed out that PLN 350 million is a fraction of Warsaw's budget and the cost of three pedestrian and bicycle footbridges over the Vistula River.

Six locations of urban housing estates

Candidates for councilors indicated six locations for such urban housing estates in Śródmieście – Nowy MDM – “Marszałkowska Housing District”, which would be built in the area of ​​Zielno – Marszałkowska – Świętokrzyska, in Wola “Brama Wolska” – at Prądzyńskiego, in the area of ​​the modernized Warszawa Zachodnia and Warsaw gasworks, in Praga Północ – “Osiedle Stalowa” next to the “Szwedzka” metro station.

New MDM – “Marszałkowska Residential District”Left Together

Three further locations indicated during the meeting with journalists were “Nowy Służewiec” at Kłobucka Street, “Warszawska District Społeczna” at the “Ulrychów” metro station and “Stare Świdry” at Myśliborska Street.

In the candidates' opinion, this number of apartments is a conservative and feasible project, and if there are more funds, more apartments could be built. In their opinion, this may be a system for building apartments for Warsaw for generations to come.

Proposed location of urban housing estates Left Together

Fewer ZGNs

Biejat also announced that when she becomes mayor of the capital, she will liquidate most of the Real Estate Management Companies. She would also like to establish “SAN – Social Rental Agency”. Apartment owners could report them to SAN, and it would deal with renting to specific people.

Biejat said that the Left club in parliament is preparing an “anti-housing speculation law” and will probably present its assumptions next week.

The local government elections will be held on Sunday, April 7. The second round of direct elections of commune heads, mayors and city presidents is scheduled for Sunday, April 21.

In addition to Biejat – candidates of the Coalition Election Committee of the Left and Urban Movements – the following candidates are running for the office of mayor of Warsaw: Tobiasz Bocheński – PiS candidate, current mayor of the capital Rafał Trzaskowski – as a candidate of the Coalition Election Committee of the Civic Coalition, Przemysław Wipler – candidate of the Coalition Election Committee of the Confederation and Non-Party Local Government , Janusz Korwin-Mikke – candidate of the Bezpartyjni Election Committee and Romuald Starosielec – candidate of the Ruch Repair Polski Election Committee.

Main photo source: TVN24

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