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Warsaw. Magdalena Biejat presents the candidate for vice president. Who is Jan Mencwel?

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The candidate of the Left and urban movements for the mayor of Warsaw presented her deputy if she wins the elections. This is Jan Mencwel, an activist associated with the Miasto Jest Nasze association, a consistent critic of Rafał Trzaskowski.

– In the city where I will be the mayor, Jan Mencwel will be responsible, among other things, for greenery, for making Warsaw a good, friendly space for everyone, so that we end the dominant concrete layer – said on Wednesday Magdalena Biejat, deputy speaker of the Senate and candidate for the mayor of Warsaw. – Janek devotes a lot of time to Warsaw. He fought against concrete, smog, and for better availability of apartments – Biejat praised her potential collaborator.

Who is Jan Mencwel?

Jan Mencwel is one of the founders and leaders of the Miasto Jest Nasze association, a cultural animator, social activist, publicist, author of the famous books “Betonoza” and “Hydrozagadka. Who takes Polish water and how to get it back”.

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Jan Mencwel and Magdalena Biejattvnwarszawa.pl

– A city that is resistant to climate change is also a beautiful and livable city. The best thing we can do to adapt to a better climate is to green the city, said Mencwel at the Constitution Square. And he presented three points whose implementation would make Warsaw green and friendly.

– First, pouring concrete over the squares. Today in Warsaw we have a Bank parking lot, a Constitution parking lot and a Theater parking lot. We have to change them. Five years ago, Rafał Trzaskowski found Warsaw concrete and is leaving it concrete. We will not make this mistake. We will start pouring concrete on these squares as soon as possible, we will not wait, because planting trees does not mean sending people to Mars. It's a simple thing that can be done in one term, announced the candidate for vice-president of the capital. The second demand on his list is: a green avenue in every district.

Green ring around the city

– The third point is a green ring around the city, composed of urban forests. The State Forests are planning huge fellings, 200 hectares of forest are to be cut down both on the border and on the outskirts of the city, an area several times larger than Pole Mokotowskie. As vice-president, he will appeal for urban forests to be excluded from forest management, not to turn them into plank plantations, but to devote them to recreation for residents, said Jan Mencwel.

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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