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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Warsaw. March of the Nationalists 2021. They set fire to the German flag. The girl’s jacket gripped the flaming shreds

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Someone set fire to the German flag during a nationalist march. During the incident, fire engulfed the jacket sleeve of a child standing among the onlookers. The police are analyzing the situation, but at the beginning they announce that the incident will be considered in the context of the offense. – The criminal code would come into play if a flag displayed by an institution, for example in front of an embassy, ​​was burned – says the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Błażej Poboży.

One of the recordings from the march of the nationalists shows the moment of burning the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany. “For the fact that they murdered six million of us, you have to burn this boorish flag. Set it on fire, this f ***” – says the man holding it. Further curses and terms such as “Swabian, fascist rag” are falling.

Around the man there are a dozen people watching the incident. Many of them are holding phones and are likely to record or photograph the incident. When the flag is on fire, flaming shards begin to fall off. The man continues to pour a flammable substance on her. At one point, the flames occupy the jacket of the girl standing among the onlookers. Nobody reacts to it. The child tries to put out the fire with his own hand.

According to reports posted on social media, the photo of the chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, was also set on fire during the demonstration.


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Screen of recording with the German flag being set on fire Tita / Twitter

Police officers analyze the incident with the flag burnt

Commissioner Sylwester Marczak, spokesman of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, commented on the situation with the German flag during the evening press conference. He said that during the march “there were many incidents” and that there were recordings and materials that would be analyzed by the police. – We already know about the first signals related to the flag of one of the European countries – he admitted.


As he explained, the above-mentioned event does not, however, fulfill the characteristics of an act under Article 137 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, which refers to insulting the flag of a foreign country, issued by the representative office of that country or on the order of a Polish authority. As he explained, in order for a rule to be violated, the flag must be displayed by a given entity.

– However, carelessness in handling fire in the context of offenses will be one of the elements assessed by us – he pointed out.

March of the Nationalists 2021Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration: we are dealing with an offense of littering a public place

The matter was also commented on by the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Błażej Poboży, who was a guest of Polsat News. – After the preliminary qualification of the burning of the German flag during the Independence March, we are dealing with the violation of littering in a public place – he assessed. “The criminal code would come into play if a flag displayed by an institution, for example in front of an embassy, ​​was burned,” he added.

March of the Nationalists 2021TVN24

The march of nationalists gained state status

The Independence March, which passed on Thursday from the Dmowski roundabout to the grounds of the PGE National Stadium, was the largest assembly organized on the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

National circles are responsible for the organization of the march, but this year – to enable its legal passage – it was given the status of a formal assembly organized by public authorities. The reason was the court case of registering the march as a cyclical assembly, in which decisions were made unfavorable to its organizers. The slogan of this year’s march was “Independence not for sale”. According to the organizers, over 100,000 people participated in it.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in an interview with PAP said that the march was “the safest in history”. – The march was legal, and therefore safe and peaceful. The state formula made it possible to properly celebrate our most important holiday, in the traditional formula to which many Poles who every year come to Warsaw every year on November 11, have become accustomed, he emphasized.

Main photo source: Tita / Twitter

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