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Warsaw. March of the Nationalists on November 11. The police summed up: 367 identified people, 11 detained

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In connection with the events, 367 people were identified during the march, 13 were fined, and 11 were detained, the spokesman of the Warsaw police told Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak

As emphasized by Marczak, the police acted against these people for “, inter alia, offenses related to alcohol consumption, but also related to non-compliance with the officer’s orders”. He added that 11 applications for punishment were issued to the court, 11 people were detained. – First of all, these are people who have had drugs, especially marijuana. The remaining detained persons are single cases, be it insults of a police officer or violations of inviolability – he emphasized.

He also explained that these arrests took place from the early hours of the morning and resulted from the activities carried out. – Yesterday’s events in the streets of Warsaw were quite calm and safe. No major incidents have been reported, although today is another day when we analyze the material that we have collected – summed up Sylwester Marczak.


The burnt German flag and a photo of Donald Tusk

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The KSP spokesman was asked about Thursday’s incidents during which the German flag was burned and a photo of Donald Tusk. – We have secured materials that are transferred depending on what situation we are dealing with and, above all, in which area the incident took place – he said.

As he explained, Thursday assemblies and the Independence March took place in several places, not only on the premises of one district police headquarters: – Therefore, everything depends on the area in which a given act was committed and such a command will deal with these proceedings.

On Thursday, after the end of the march, Marczak assessed that it was one of the safest in years. – Nothing surprised us when it comes to the events that aroused the most emotions. It’s hard to find negative cases on the entire route of the march – he said.

State march

On Thursday, November 11, a march of nationalists took placewhich started from the Dmowskiego roundabout and reached the grounds of the PGE Narodowy Stadium. It is the largest assembly organized on the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence. National circles are responsible for organizing the march, but this year – to enable its legal passage – it was given the status of a formal assembly organized by public authorities. The reason was the court case of registering the march as a cyclical assembly, in which decisions were made unfavorable to its organizers. The slogan of this year’s march was “Independence not for sale”.

Although the atmosphere of the march was quite calm, there were many incidents. During that time, among other things, a banner with a portrait of Donald Tusk and the German flag were burned. Participants carried nationalist symbols, including Celtic crosses or ONR phalanxes. Activists of the Italian extreme nationalist movement Forza Nuova also appeared on the march. There were anti-immigrant and anti-LGBT slogans. On the viaduct of the Poniatowski Bridge, the participants hung a poster with the image of the bald president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, and the signature “I co? Łyso?”.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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