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Warsaw. Marcin “Borkoś” Borkowski, a well-known moped man in the hospital after the accident. A long treatment awaits him

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The lifeguard Marcin Borkowski, known as “Borkoś”, is in for a long recovery. The good news is that he is alive – says Paweł Błasiak, president of the Warsaw Voluntary Water Rescue Service. A moped man was seriously injured on Wednesday after a collision with a passenger car.

The incident took place on Wednesday after 5 p.m. on ul. Radzyminska. As we described on tvnwarszawa.pl, it happened for an accident involving a moped and a passenger car by Opel. As Gabriela Putyra from the press team of the Warsaw Police Headquarters told us, the injured two-wheeler driver was taken to the hospital.

He was riding on the signal

Rescuer Marcin Borkowski, known as “Borkoś”, was injured in this event. According to the information from the Polish Press Agency, it appears that the accident happened most probably when the driver of a passenger Opel was making a maneuver to join the traffic. It was then that a collision with ul. Radzyminska in the direction of ul. Białystok.

The wounded rescuer was taken to the hospital at ul. Szaserów in Warsaw. The president of the Volunteer Water Rescue Service in Warsaw, Paweł Błasiak, announced that Marcin Borkowski has undergone an orthopedic surgery and is under the care of doctors. – The good news is that he is alive – emphasized Błasiak.

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– He is contacted by his family, who asked him not to disclose detailed information about his health – said the president of the Warsaw Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR). And he added: – He will probably have a long recovery. I do not know and the family does not know what the effects of this operation will be – he said.

He also stressed that rescuers did not call him because his family was there. – If he can, he will definitely call – he said.

Rehabilitation will be needed

– We’re sorry that happened. We will support him when he renews himself in order to drive and work – added the president of the capital WOPR.

Marcin Borkowski is a paramedic, as a volunteer he helps those in need, and the scooter was his mobile ambulance.

On Thursday, it was confirmed on the profile of “Borkosia” communities that Borkowski had been involved in a road accident. “At the moment, Marcin’s condition is described as severe, but stable and is kept in a pharmacological coma” – it was written. “There are a few more operations ahead of him, for which we keep our fingers crossed, and in the future, rehabilitation will be necessary.” It was also stated that a fundraiser for the treatment of a rescuer is organized on patronite.pl.

There was also an appeal for donating blood with the indication: “Marcin Borkowski, Military Institute of Medicine, Intensive Care Unit”.

“We will keep you informed about everything” – added on the lifeguard’s profile.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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