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Warsaw, Marszałkowska. Dangerous pedestrian crossing at Bankowy Square will gain light

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Changes are underway at the pedestrian crossing through Marszałkowska Street, on the edge of Bankowy Square. This is one of the most dangerous zebras in the city, but it should get better – the Municipal Roads Authority has announced a tender for the construction of lights. It is possible that they will be built this year.

Pedestrians who try to cross Marszałkowska Street at Senatorska Street do not have an easy task – they have to overcome the tram tracks and six lanes with an island in the middle. In order to improve safety, in 2017 road workers changed this place into a so-called active crossing. A pedestrian, approaching the crossing, turns on the pulsating orange light and LEDs in the asphalt. However, the system was not reliable, and the zebra was still the only passage without traffic lights on the nearly three-kilometer section from Konstytucji Square to Bankowy Square.

The results already showed that changes are needed at this point safety audit of pedestrian crossings carried out by road workers. On a six-point scale (from 0 to 5), one of the crossings through Marszałkowska was rated “1” and the other “2”. “Crossing three wide lanes without traffic lights without traffic signals is not safe – unprotected pedestrians have a long way to travel, cars can develop high speeds, there is no physical protection against overtaking in the area of ​​crossings” – argues ZDM.

Road workers have just announced a tender for the reconstruction of this place. The investment involves the construction of signaling at the crossing of both roadways and the tram track with automatic detection of pedestrians and vehicles. “New and modernized signaling, as a rule, have a programmed priority for public transport, so the passage of trams should not be difficult despite additional lights” – they emphasize.


The lights may be made later this year

The project provides for changes in the shape of the road and sidewalks in the area of ​​the crossing. The pavement in the north-west corner, from the side of Elektoralna Street and Bank Square, is to be widened. “The difference in height under the building of the former Saski Hotel means that most of the pavement is elevated to which the stairs lead. For people with reduced mobility, only a narrow strip of pavement is available at the very edge of the road. It will be widened” – explains ZDM.

The eastern line of Marszałkowska in the area of ​​the crossing will retain its three-lane cross-section. There will be two lanes on the west side. Road builders want to adapt the new road geometry to the plans resulting from the concept of “Zielona Marszałkowska”. “On the west side of the street, between Plac Bankowy and Królewska Street, a two-way road for bicycles and a line of trees is to be built. Parking will be transferred from the pavement to the road. The design of these changes is currently underway, and their implementation will most likely be possible in 2022 and 2023. Senatorska and Elektoralna will have an appropriate reserve of land “- they announce. And they add that although the bicycle passage along the crossing will be built now, it will gain full functionality after the announced bicycle path on this section of Marszałkowska Street and at Bankowy Square.

The tenders in the tender can be submitted until October 11th. The selected contractor will have 45 days to complete the task from the moment the contract is signed. “If the contractor is selected efficiently, the lights will be created this year” – announces ZDM.

New Center of Warsaw

The changes on Marszałkowska Street are part of the New Center of Warsaw, i.e. the plan of President Rafał Trzaskowski to transform the central part of the city into a “safe, comfortable, accessible and green space”. Last year Aleja Jana Pawła II and the roundabout Czter 30olatka were rebuilt. They are currently underway works at Pięć Rogów square, Dmowskiego roundabout and Marszałkowska. New crossings for pedestrians and bicycle infrastructure are being built, and – as road workers have announced – more than a hundred new trees will be added by the end of the year.

It will also change Chmielna and Raven. Takes competition for Zgoda and Złota Streets. Aleje Jerozolimskie is also waiting for a metamorphosisbut this is only after the renovation of the cross-city line, planned by railwaymen from 2024.

Main photo source: ZDM

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