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Warsaw. Mayors of Warsaw districts elected

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Mayors and their deputies were elected in 17 of Warsaw's 18 districts. Councilors have until June 7 to elect new boards.

New boards have already been elected in most Warsaw districts. The exception is Bielany. Councilors have until June 7 to elect the management board. The local Razem dla Bielany party won in Bielany, but did not obtain an independent majority. In an interview with RDC radio, the mayor of Bielany, Grzegorz Pietruczuk, said that talks with the Civic Coalition were still ongoing.


On Wednesday, the Żoliborz district council decided to change the composition of the management board. Żoliborz councilors appointed Renata Kozłowska (KO) as mayor. It will have two deputies: Joanna Kotkowska-Pyzel, representing Lewica Razem, and Tomasz Mielcarz from the Miasto Jest Nasze Association.

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Renata Kozłowska has been the deputy mayor of Żoliborz since December 2019. She was responsible for, among others: for the Department of Education and Upbringing, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Social Affairs and Health, the Public Procurement Department and the Resident Services Department, and for several months, additionally for the Faculty of Architecture and Construction. He is a teacher and neurologist by profession. Before being appointed to the board of the Żoliborz district, she worked in education for 26 years.


During the second session of the Śródmieście district council, Aleksander Ferens was re-elected mayor. For the first time Ferens was elected mayor in April 2019. Previously, he was a councilor here. He worked, among others, in the company managing the Palace of Culture and Science, then in the Legal and Public Procurement Department of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

The deputy mayors are: Magdalena Wojciechowska (KO), who has held this position since 2018, and Rafał Krasuski.

Praga Północ

At the end of May, a coalition formed between councilors of the Civic Coalition and a club associating councilors of the Agreement for Praga, Nowa Lewica, Razem and Miasto Jest Nasze established a management board after a several-hour session, taking power away from Law and Justice. Gabriela Szustek (KO) became the mayor.

She was also a councilor of Warsaw in the terms 2014-2018 and 2018-2024. She is the vice-chairman of the Praga-Północ PO group, and serves as deputy treasurer of the Warsaw PO. The deputy mayors were: Sylwester Klimiuk (PdP) and Anna Tomaszewska (NL).

Praga Południe

As a result of the councilors' vote, Tomasz Kucharski became mayor of the district for the fifth time. The deputy mayors will be: Bożena Przybyszewska, Karol Kowalczyk, Piotr Żbikowski and Łukasz Polinceusz.

Kucharski is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education. In 1994, he started working in the local government of right-bank Warsaw, and in 2006 he became the mayor of Praga Południe.


Krzysztof Strzałkowski (KO) was elected mayor of Wola for the third term. His deputies will be: Grażyna Orzechowska-Mikulska, Adam Hać and Wojciech Lesiuk. Strzałkowski started his career in 2003 as a local government employee in local government units at various levels. From May to December 2014, he served as the mayor of Bemowo. Since December 2014, he has been the mayor of Wola.


On June 5, the Mokotów district council re-elected Rafał Miastowski (KO) as mayor, and his deputies: Katarzyna Potapowicz, Krzysztof Piotr Skolimowski (KO), Marek Roksyk (Left) and Piotr Sławiński. Miastowski is a graduate, experienced local government official, former mayor of Wilanów, mayor of Bielany, vice-mayor of Ursynów. He has been ruling Mokotów since 2018.


Piotr Krasnodębski from the Civic Coalition will govern in Ochota. His deputies were: Justyna Glusman from the Ochocianie Association and Sławomir Cygler from the Left.

Krasnodębski was previously a councilor in Ochota. Glusman was responsible for greenery at the town hall for three years, but in 2021 she was given notice of termination. As she explained, the reason was “differences in the approach to the implementation of tasks, as well as disagreement with the liquidation, i.e. division of the Green Area Management Board”. As a representative of urban movements, she ran for the mayor of Warsaw in 2018.


Grzegorz Kuca (KO), who previously was the mayor of Białołęka, became the mayor of the Bemowo District. From 2020, he sat on the Business Advisory Council Collegium Humanum – a university whose rector is accused of 30 crimes. The politician was supposed to run in the last local elections from a high position to the provincial assembly, but after the scandal at the university broke out, he disappeared from the lists. In an interview with “Stołeczna”, he explained that it was due to “family reasons”. In turn, the chairman of the capital's structures of the Civic Platform, Marcin Kierwiński, said then that the current mayor of Białołęka had other career plans.

Kuca's deputies will be the current deputy mayors: Maciej Wójtowicz, Michał Przybylski and Jakub Gręziak.


In Ursus, Bogdan Olesiński (KO), who held this position in the previous term, remained mayor. Long-time district councilors were elected as deputies: Anna Lewandowska (Civic Association in Ursus) and Aneta Wachnicka (KO).

Olesiński has been working in the Warsaw local government for four terms. In the years 2006-2010 he served as the mayor of Ursus, in the years 2010-2018 he was the mayor of Mokotów, and from 2018 he served again as the mayor of Ursus.


In Italy, Jarosław Karcz (KO) retained power, and Monika Kryk and Dominik Wymysłowski (both from KO) were elected as his deputies. Karcz was appointed mayor of Italy in November 2019 after Artur W. was dismissed from this position, suspected of accepting a bribe from a developer. Karcz was previously, among others, deputy mayor of Praga Południe.


Robert Kempa (KO) became the mayor again, and the deputies were: Jakub Berent (KO), Cezary Holdenmajer (Otwarty Ursynów) and Klaudiusz Ostrowski KO).


Paweł Michalec (KO) was elected mayor of the Wawer District. His deputies were: Leszek Baraniewski (KO) and Łukasz Jeziorski (KO). Michalec was previously the mayor of Żoliborz and vice-mayor of Targówek. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Municipal Purification Company.


Wesoła will be ruled by Marian Mahor (KO), the current mayor of the district. He will be replaced by: Aleksandra Paradowska (KO) and Krzysztof Kacprzak (Electoral Committee of Wesoła Voters). In the past, Mahor was the director of the Municipal Cultural Center in Wesoła, a theater specialist at the Center for the Promotion of Culture in Praga Południe, deputy mayor (2006-2018) and mayor (2018-2024) of Wesoła.


The new mayor of Białołęka was Anna Majchrzak (KO), and her deputies were: Anna Myślińska (KO), Mariusz Wajszczak (KO), Jan Mackiewicz (Electoral Committee of the Razem dla Białołęka Association) and Piotr Cieszkowski (Electoral Committee of the Razem dla Białołęka Association).


Maciej Iwanicki (KO) became the mayor of Rembertów. The following were elected as his deputies: Aleksander Lesiński (Electoral Committee of the Rembertów Direct Association) and Arkadiusz Piotrowski (KO).


Krzysztof Miszewski (KO), who has been associated with the district for many years, became the mayor of Targówek. In recent years, Krzysztof Miszewski served as chairman of the district council, and during the past term he was deputy mayor of Targówek.

The remaining members of the management board were four women: Dorota Kozielska (KO), Małgorzata Kwiatkowska (KO), Katarzyna Górska-Manczenko (KO) and Monika Rutkowska KO).


No changes in Wilanów. Long-time mayor Ludwik Rakowski remained in office for another term. His deputies will be: Karolina Bober and Artur Buczyński.

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