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Warsaw. Merchants from Marywilska are demanding a refund of drastic fees and are threatening a large protest in front of the town hall

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– The promises are over – say the merchants from Marywilska, who have still not reached an agreement with the managers of the shopping center. On Wednesday, they submitted letters demanding a refund of entry fees, amounting to up to PLN 60,000. If no agreement is reached, they announce a large protest in front of the town hall and the closure of all shops.

– Several dozen people gathered on Marywilska today. They completed documents which they then submitted to the management of the shopping center – Mateusz Szmelter from tvnwarszawa.pl described on Wednesday.

We asked their representative what actions the merchants from Marywilska took. – Today, applications were submitted to the management board of Marywilska 44 ordering the refund of entry fees that were illegally collected by the management board. The management collected initial fees for renting the premises. When someone’s contract ended and they wanted to extend it, they charged the initial fee again. It’s up to PLN 60,000, Patrycjusz Pasik explained in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

They announce a protest in front of the town hall

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He added that all buyers submitted documents on this matter to the management board on Wednesday. In addition, a group submission of letters to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is also planned – Friday is the time when the town hall declared that there would be some talks between merchants and the company’s management. However, to this day we have no information, no one has contacted us. This means that we will probably have to organize a protest in front of the city hall, because the promises are over, Pasik announced.

At one point it looked like an agreement would be reached. What changed? – These were only media releases from the president of the management board, and when the meeting with the buyers took place and both parties were supposed to sit down and negotiate, the president or her lawyer said that “they should be glad that they did not raise these issues even further.” amounts, because they could have done it. There was even a threat from the prosecutor’s office that the merchants were acting to the detriment of the company and telling untruths, Pasik explained.

They threaten a general strike

On Wednesday, approximately 100 people submitted applications to the board. Other groups of buyers are expected to submit them in the coming days.

ABOUT We have already informed about the merchants’ strike on tvnwarszawa.pl. At the end of January, most stores were closed. There were protests against drastic rent increases.

Merchants’ strike in the shopping center on Marywilska (photo from January)photo: FB ZOOgroda

Merchants calculated that after the increases, the rent would in some cases amount to up to PLN 10,000 a month. The president of the management board, Małgorzata Konarska, assured then that the increases were the result of indexation and were in line with the provisions of the contract. In her opinion, the rental amounts are agreed by both parties. As Konarska explained, this depends, among other things, on the prices of consumer goods and services published in the announcement of the President of the Central Statistical Office, which, according to her, is also to be included in the contracts.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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