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Warsaw. Military helicopters will fly over Rembertów and Wawer

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On Wednesday, military helicopters will appear over the south-eastern part of Warsaw. As explained by the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces, air exercises were carried out until the evening.

The General Command of the Armed Forces Branches informed on Twitter about the planned aviation training with the use of helicopters. Military helicopters will fly over the south-eastern part of Warsaw from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

In the comments under the entry, it was clarified that it was “standard flight training”. Let us inform you so that you are not surprised by the increased air traffic of military helicopters over the capital. Among the commentators, there were also questions in the tone of “why above us?” “Soldiers are trained both in the “field” and in the urbanized area – which is one of the elements of effective operation – the command patiently wrote back.

According to our information, in the afternoon the machines circulated around Celestynów, and they will appear over Wawer and Rembertów only at dusk.

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A police helicopter seen near Conrad Street Tomasz / Contact 24

Main photo source: General Command / Twitter

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