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Warsaw. Minister of Interior and Administration: internal monitoring of the hall at Marywilska 44 was destroyed

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Minister of Interior and Administration Tomasz Siemoniak announced on Wednesday that the internal monitoring of the hall at Marywilska 44 was destroyed in a fire.

The hall at Marywilska Street, which housed around 1,400 service points, burned down on May 12. The prosecutor and police have already inspected the office building, but an inspection of the burned-down market hall is not yet possible. The District Building Inspectorate ordered the demolition due to the state of threat to the safety of people and property. The order will come into effect after July 24.

In connection with the incident, there were indications that the fire at Marywilska 44 could have been caused by people hired by foreign services.

“Elements of internal monitoring burned and melted”

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When asked about this, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Tomasz Siemoniak, pointed out that in every incident of this type, the services investigate the issue of sabotage or diversion and use all means to determine whether such a thesis is probable. He added that in the case of the fire at Marywilska, such an issue is also considered.

He recalled that over a dozen people were arrested in connection with acts of sabotage in Poland. He also emphasized that Polish services cooperate with services from neighboring countries, where such cases also occurred.

– Of course, investigators will examine everything that was left there as soon as they can. However, the report that I have shows that elements of the internal monitoring system burned and melted, which must be taken into account – said Siemoniak.

He stressed that whenever possible, without endangering experts and forensics, every potential piece of evidence will be examined.

Main image source: TVN24

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