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Warsaw. MJN wants to limit the sale of alcohol at night. The application in this matter was sent to Rafał Trzaskowski

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The City is Ours and the Agreement for Prague wants to limit night sales of alcohol. They emphasized that there should be 1,500 inhabitants per alcohol selling point, whereas in Warsaw there are 309 of them. Meanwhile, there are only 25 pharmacies on night duty. A proposal in this regard was sent to Rafał Trzaskowski’s desk.

On Thursday, members of associations submitted over one thousand signatures to Rafał Trzaskowski for a request to conduct public consultations on limiting the sale of alcohol in Warsaw. The ban would apply throughout the city, both in shops and gas stations, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Activists would also like to limit the number of alcohol sales points.

“In the capital of Poland it is easier to buy alcohol at night than medicines”

According to the president of MJN, Barbara Jędrzejczyk, meeting these demands would increase peace and security after dusk and reduce the number of police and city guard interventions.

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Antonina Wróblewska, a member of MJN, noted that “similar solutions are used in over 200 communes in Poland.” And she gave examples: Sopot, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław and nearby Grodzisk Mazowiecki. – Wherever sales restrictions were introduced, the number of police interventions decreased – she argued.

Another MJN activist, Maja Handke, emphasized that “according to WHO recommendations, there should be 1,500 inhabitants per alcohol sales point, in Warsaw there are 309!” – There are nearly 3,400 non-catering alcohol sales points in our city. Meanwhile, there are only 25 pharmacies on night duty. The conclusion? In the capital of Poland, it is easier to buy alcohol at night than medicines, she said.

“Screams, sounds of breaking glass, signals of police roosters”

Wanda Grudzień, a representative of the Agreement for Prague quoted in the release, explained that “consultations would take place in the form of an online survey and stationary workshops.” After the consultations, a report should be prepared, which would constitute a starting point for further work.

– We appeal to district councils and youth district councils to submit requests for this type of consultations to the Mayor of Warsaw. A 24-hour alcohol store opened near my house a few months ago. Since then, we and our children have been regularly woken up at night by screams, the sounds of breaking glass, and the signals of police roosters. Recently, drunk customers of the store started calling randomly selected premises on intercoms at night. There have been no such incidents before. Night sales of alcohol have significantly reduced our sense of security, peace and comfort – concluded Jan Mecwel, one of the leaders of MJN.

The topic of the growing number of 24-hour alcohol sales points returns at all meetings between President Trzaskowski and district residents. This was also the case on Wednesday in Ochota. Residents pointed out that such stores mean less safety in the area. And the city’s policy regarding concessions is invariably extremely liberal.

– I am not a supporter of prohibition for various reasons – the mayor of Warsaw repeated once again, but noted that he “is open to conversation” and “does not downplay the problem.” – Prohibition means pushing the problem beyond the zone in which it applies – he argued. He argued with the effectiveness of the bans introduced in England and Scandinavian countries. Willingness to prohibition – read the report from the meeting.

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“Marszałkowska from scratch” according to activists from MJNThe City Is Ours/twitter.com

Main photo source: MJN

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