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Warsaw. Modernization of the West Railway Station. In December, railwaymen will open another platform and a footbridge from the Tunelowa side

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Railwaymen summed up the progress in the modernization of the West Railway Station. Work on the platforms and roofing are underway. A dozen or so meters below the station there is a tunnel that will be used by trams in the future. In December, platform 6 will be made available to passengers and the footbridge on the Tunelowa side will be renovated.

As part of the investment, additional platforms are being built, and all platforms, including the existing ones, will be roofed. The construction of a new hall is being erected on the construction site, reaching several meters in height. The contractor also installs tracks, turnouts and traffic control devices. – Every day there are changes on this site. It is a huge logistic undertaking that requires the involvement of many engineers and employees. Performed “on the move”. It is worth remembering that the Warszawa Zachodnia station is among the top five most important railway stations in Poland with enormous passenger traffic, said Andrzej Bittel, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure.


The huge roof will be covered with photovoltaic panels

Railwaymen described on Friday that currently display cases, benches and information boards are being installed on the platforms. Next to the high roof, there are elements of lower carports – an extension of the platform hall. The preparation of platforms 6, 7 and platform 8, i.e. a new additional platform from the side of Wola, is advanced.

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The roof of the hall is made in 30 percent. The structures of the high roof are already visible above the three platforms under construction. The contractor is placing further elements on 27 pillars. – The steel structure already weighs two thousand tons. Inside there are skylights with mounted photovoltaic cells. As a result, 30% of the station will be powered by energy obtained from the sun – said Jakub Tomkiewicz, contract director at Budimex. The photovoltaic panels have an area of ​​12,000 square meters – an area close to two football fields. As railwaymen point out, the internal spaces will also be complemented by natural light thanks to skylights. Green spaces with shrubs are planned in the area of ​​the station.

Progress in the reconstruction of the West Railway StationRafał Guz / PAP

Travelers will use the first new platform of Warsaw West in December. This is platform number 6. As Ireneusz Merchel, President of the Management Board of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA assures, “every month, successively the 7th and 8th platforms will be put into operation”. In December, a footbridge will also be made available to passengers. – The completion of the footbridge will enable the passage from Tunelowa Street to the old layout of the station part and access to the newly opened platforms – said Jakub Tomkiewicz.

They are building a tram tunnel under the station

– Reconstruction of the Warszawa Zachodnia station started work on the Warsaw diameter. The largest railway undertaking in the capital, implemented with the funds from the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program, is carried out with maintained train traffic. Work next to the trains running by trains is a challenge for the infrastructure manager and the contractor. We want to maintain the best possible offer for travelers and create even better conditions for rail transport in Warsaw and on long-distance routes – said Ireneusz Merchel.

Progress in the reconstruction of the West Railway StationRafał Guz / PAP

A new track system is also being built at the station. 29 turnouts and nearly four kilometers of new tracks have already been laid. Poles and gates are set up for the traction network. In the prepared structure of the underpass – from the platform of the perimeter line to platforms 6, 7, 8 – the flooring is made. Systems and computers for efficient train traffic management are installed in the new building of the Local Control Center (LCS).

As noted by Ireneusz Merchel, “over 70 companies of subcontractors, over half a thousand people and 150 units of equipment are working on the construction site.” Platforms 6, 7 and new 8 are under construction. The current traffic organization within the station is maintained. Access is provided from Aleje Jerozolimskie. Due to the construction of the underpass, the platform on the perimeter line is temporarily out of service. Trains from Warszawa Gdańska start and end at the Warszawa Wola stop.

A tram tunnel is also being built under the station, at a depth of nearly 15 meters. – We are building a tunnel, and it depends on the city when it builds a tram network and makes it available for passengers. This is a municipal investment – said the president of PKP.

Modernization of the West Railway Station

Ultimately, at the Western Railway Station, there will be roofed platforms, escalators, elevators, a dynamic information system and wide passages for travelers. It will be easier to combine agglomeration and long-distance travel with public transport.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA is implementing the project “Works on the cross-city line in Warsaw on the Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Zachodnia section” project for approximately PLN 2 billion net. The project is applying for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz / PAP

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