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Warsaw, Mokotow. A salty bill for idleness. She forgot to pay the subscription, she found out about it from the fines

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Even PLN 2,500 can be paid by a Mokotów resident who missed the expiring deadline for extending the subscription for parking in the zone. He admits to laziness, but believes that the lack of information about the accumulation of fines is unfair. Road workers retort: ​​we send a message a month earlier.

Katarzyna contacted us. – I overlooked the expiration date of the resident’s subscription, it expired on May 12 – the resident admits at the outset. She learned about her oversight from the fines that began to flow in. For parking without a paid parking ticket, PLN 300 is charged per day. Since road operators use cars with cameras scanning license plates, the effectiveness of inspections has significantly increased. So if the information arrives late, you should “grab your wallet”, because the fees are cumulative. Such was the case with our reader.

Resident: It’s not fair

– My car is leased, so I don’t get fines directly to the mailbox. They go first to the leasing company and then to me. It is in process and time is passing. Three weeks later, I received information that I had to pay PLN 1,500, i.e. for five days of parking. When I went to the Municipal Roads Authority last week to explain this matter, I found out that PLN 1,500 is not all, because I have another PLN 600 to pay. But this is the status as of July 3, so there is a chance that more fines will be received, and the amount will reach PLN 2,500 – enumerates Katarzyna.

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In ZDM, she tried to find out why she did not receive a warning about the ending subscription “reasonably in advance” and asked how to appeal against the imposed penalties? – I heard that they have information in the system that they sent me a month earlier – April 12 – text messages. I either didn’t get that text or missed it. There was no second reminder. I didn’t get anything in the mail either. Of course, it’s just their good will, because they don’t have to remind you of anything. But if they have a number, they could have reported the fines. I don’t think it’s fair to the residents. That there is no way to react to this first mandate. Suddenly, he finds out about a huge amount to pay and basically nothing can be done about it. Theoretically, it is possible to submit an application for redemption or payment in installments, but I heard from ZDM that this is unlikely to happen. I would have to prove that I really cannot afford to pay the fine.

Road workers: the date is on the subscription

We ask Jakbu Dybalski, ZDM spokesman, about the matter. – Everyone, when making a subscription, is asked to provide a telephone number. It is not mandatory, but if it is given, we send a reminder push a month before the deadline – confirms Dybalski. – However, first of all, the subscription expiry date is … on the subscription. I don’t know how to inform the owner more about this date. Anyway, I do not know that, for example, city card holders demanded a reminder text message – adds the spokesman for the capital’s road builders.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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