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Warsaw Mokotów, Gwintowa Street. He was stealing from the church treasury and a nun noticed him

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He stole money from the church treasury, which received donations for those in need. A nun noticed him, but she managed to escape. However, he was caught by the police and faces five years in prison.

A 39-year-old man regularly came to the church at ul. Gwentowa, but not to pray or participate in the service.

– He came to steal money from the box where the faithful put donations for those in need. In this way, he managed to “transfer” about PLN 900 to his wallet – informs the subcommand in a statement. Ewa Kołdys, press officer of the Warsaw II District Police Commander. – His plan backfired when one of the nuns noticed what he was doing and tried to stop him – he adds.

He came to church to stealMokotów police

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He admitted to the theft

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The man managed to escape, but police officers fighting property crimes started looking for him. They established the suspect's details, detained him and took him to the police station. He pleaded guilty to theft and faces up to five years in prison.

– Every theft should be condemned, but this one, i.e. stealing from the weaker and needy, is particularly reprehensible – emphasizes the subordinate. Ewa Kołdys.

The 39-year-old admitted to the theftMokotów police

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Main photo source: Mokotów police

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