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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Warsaw, Mokotów. Naked man jumped on drugs after drugs

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The policemen from Mokotów detained a 38-year-old who was supposed to damage three cars. According to the spokesman of the district command, a man under the influence of drugs and alcohol, wearing only socks and shoes, jumped on the hood of a Toyota, having previously damaged a Ford and Peugeot. In his apartment, officers found white powder scattered on the table top and a rolled banknote.

Around 2.30 am, the officers were directed to the intersection of Szczekocińska and Racławicka Streets, where a naked man was supposed to demolish cars standing on the street.

When the uniforms arrived, they saw a man jumping on the hood of a Toyota. He was wearing only socks and shoes. Officers removed him from the car and put on handcuffs. He was very agitated and stated that he was naked because he was involved in a theatrical staging, but he does not know why he jumped on cars. He wanted to break the glass with an electric scooter in one of them, but he failed – reports the spokesman of the Mokotów command, Robert Koniuszy.

He adds that there was a Ford standing next to it, which was in a similar condition to the Toyota: “It had scratched paintwork and dents on the hood. The detainee admitted that he also jumped on the Ford.


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There was a scattered white powder on the table in the apartment

Due to his skimpy clothes, the officers first went with the man to his apartment to get dressed. – The door to the apartment was wide open. In the living room, white powder was scattered on the table, and next to it was a hundred-dollar bill. The man explained that these were drugs that he had taken after he had drunk alcohol. The officers secured the substances for laboratory tests. Initial testing with a drug tester confirmed the presence of psychoactive compounds – informs the spokesman of the Mokotów command.

The detainee was transferred to the police custody. According to Koniuszy, it turned out at the police station that the man had been seen earlier at Racławicka Street, jumping on a Peugeot, which he also damaged. – Officers received notifications of damage to cars from victims.

After sobering up, the suspect was charged with intentional damage to property and possession of psychoactive substances, for which the court may now sentence him up to five years in prison and oblige him to repair the damage.

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