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Warsaw, Mokotów. Police: a former Jesuit robbed a law and married a 91-year-old girl. His accomplice robbed a woman

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The policemen from Mokotów detained a 57-year-old former Jesuit and his partner – a 42-year-old unemployed person. They are suspected of stealing historic works of art from the order at Rakowiecka Street. Their value was estimated at almost PLN 100,000. According to the spokesman of the district headquarters, the investigators also found that the man, after leaving the order, married a 91-year-old, and his companion robbed the old woman and obtained access to her property by notary public.

At the end of August, a representative of the College of Jesuit Priests came to the District Police Headquarters in Mokotów to inform that historic works of art had disappeared from the order. It was about the theft of a cross on a stone plinth and three historic paintings from the end of the 18th century, including the one depicting St. Ignacy Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order. The value of all items was set at PLN 95,000.

The officers determined that the 57-year-old former Jesuit Artur F., who left the order on August 16-17, could be behind the theft. – When he parted with the center, he decided to take things that did not belong to him. He hired a close friend of his to help in their removal and transport. The monuments went to his apartment – said the spokesman of the Mokotów subcommittee. Robert Koniuszy.


Three historic paintings from the end of the 18th century have disappeared from the orderKRP II

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The 91-year-old married a former Jesuit

At the end of August, the police arrested the 57-year-old and his 42-year-old partner Piotr N. They both lived under one roof, in an apartment in Mokotów. There were items taken from the order in the premises.

– Criminals also found there an ID card, a 91-year-old pensioner and a notarial deed, which showed that the entire property of the owner of the ID card was transferred to Piotr N. The premises also contained numerous official documents owned by the same pensioner. Officers suspected that the men might have been guilty of fraud to the detriment of the 91-year-old, the subordinates reported. Equerry.

The police reached the owner of the documents. The woman lived alone in a tenement house in Śródmieście, and Piotr N., to whom she transferred all the property, turned out to be the chairman of the housing community in the building she inhabited. The man also had a notarized authorization to settle all official and property matters for the pensioner, he also received a pension for her from the postman. – The suspect from the withdrawn money allegedly made purchases and payments for the apartment. He himself had no source of income. He was not employed anywhere – explains the policeman.

According to the officers, the senior woman had problems with memory, she was permanently assigned a social worker who looked after the 91-year-olds at certain times. The police established that on August 18, Ms. Łucja had a civil marriage with 57-year-old Artur F. The couple asked the Civil Registry Office to accelerate the date of formalizing the relationship and to award the wedding in her place of residence, due to the senior’s difficulties with moving around. One of the witnesses at the wedding was Piotr N.

A cross stolen from the order on a stone plinthKRP II

The prosecutor’s office wanted arrest, but the court did not agree

The suspects in the Warsaw-Mokotów District Prosecutor’s Office heard allegations of the theft of historic works of art, for which Artur F. was placed under police supervision. Piotr N. will also be responsible for leading the 91-year-old woman to disadvantageous disposal of property in the amount of PLN 9,100 from her pension, which he received from February to August, and for the theft of PLN 13,000 belonging to the woman, her ID card and jewelry.

The prosecutor requested that Piotr N. be temporarily arrested, but Judge Agnieszka Jaźwińska of the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów decided that placing the suspect under supervision would be a sufficient preventive measure in this case. In the written justification, she emphasized that the suspect has a permanent place of residence, had not been convicted before, and “taking into account the content of the charges currently brought against him, it is doubtful that if his guilt is found, a severe penalty of absolute imprisonment would be imposed”. The judge in favor of the suspect also assessed the fact that the stolen property was recovered and that he had given detailed explanations, so the court did not notice the “fear of fraud”.

– The court’s decision poses a great threat to the proper course of the proceedings, primarily by creating an unlimited possibility for the suspect to persuade him to give false testimony and explanations, but also to take other actions unlawfully hindering the ongoing investigation – said Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. The prosecutor’s office appealed against the decision of the district court.

The police detained a 57-year-old former Jesuit and a 42-year-old unemployedKRP II

After regaining their freedom, the 91-year-olds came to the apartment

As established by the Polish Press Agency, after regaining their freedom, the men went to the 91-year-old, but found her a social worker in the apartment. Since then, the woman has called the police several times, because the suspects were supposed to try to throw her out of the ward’s apartment. The 57-year-old former Jesuit also contacted social services, explaining that he was Mrs. Lucia’s husband and would be taking care of her himself.

Investigators describe the case as developmental, further charges against suspects and extending the proceedings to other persons that may be related to the crimes they have committed are possible.

Main photo source: KRP II

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