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Warsaw. Moped on the pedestrian crossing and sidewalk. Recording

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The driver of the moped crossed the pedestrian crossing and the bicycle crossing, continued his ride on the sidewalk. The capital’s traffic police published a recording of this incident as a warning. Officers also remind you that such an offense is punishable by a large fine and a driving ban.

A car camera mounted in the police car of the capital’s traffic police registered a series of serious offenses committed by the moped driver. In the recording published by the police officers, we see the driver of a two-wheeler who crosses a pedestrian crossing and a bicycle crossing. In the next shot, the same motorcyclist continues to ride on the pavement.

Police officers from the traffic department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters inform that “driving on a pedestrian road or pedestrian crossing with a motor vehicle is prohibited”.

Mandate 1.5 thousand PLN, for recidivism – 3 thousand.

The officers emphasize that the moped driver in the video behaved “very irresponsibly, because his behavior could cause a threat to the safety of other road users”. “For the above offence, according to the tariff, a police officer may impose a fine of PLN 1,500. In the case of this offence, the legislator considered it a serious offence, and therefore provided for recidivism, i.e. if the driver again violates the same provision within two years , will be punished with a fine of PLN 3,000.

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In addition, police officers remind that in the case of this particular offence, the court may order a driving ban, in particular if the perpetrator caused a threat to a pedestrian.

Main photo source: KSP

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