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Warsaw. Morawicki promises three billion zlotys for Warsaw

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– Even in the richest city in Poland, in Warsaw, the government helps and we want to help – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared on Monday. Among the investments that the government wants to support, he mentioned the construction of the third metro line, the expansion of the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the modernization of the former Skra stadium. – However, there are no specifics for today, so we are waiting for information about the details – commented the spokeswoman for the city hall.

– It is necessary to see the difference between the approach to investing in all local governments in the times of our predecessors and in our times – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in Warsaw at a briefing for journalists before his departure to Berlin. As he said, the government is trying “by all means to redirect investments to those centers where there have been no such investments so far, which have been excluded from these investments.” – And let everyone ask their mayor about it – he appealed.

Three billion for Warsaw “for various projects”

He noted that “also in Warsaw, many investments would not have taken place without government funds.” As examples, he gave a kindergarten at Gilarska in Targówek (as reported by the city, the government subsidy here amounted to PLN 28 million with the district’s own contribution of PLN 5.5 million), road investments, including the completion of the southern ring road.

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– For the next few years, we want to spend up to PLN 3 billion on various projects – mainly those we have discussed, but also others that will be developed in the discussion. We will discuss this with the city’s magistrate, Morawiecki announced.

He noted that the “improvement of public finances” contributed to the development of Warsaw. – It is known that local governments benefit from the rapid increase in CIT and PIT – he said. as he calculated, in 2015 CIT revenues in Warsaw amounted to PLN 587 million, last year over PLN 1.3 billion; PLN 4.3 billion in 2015, and PLN 7 billion in 2021.

– Dear residents of Warsaw, dear residents of Poland, we want investments to reach all corners evenly, evenly, but it is known that in the Third Republic of Poland this neglected part was poviat Poland, communal Poland, and we direct a huge stream of our funds there – he argued. – There is no Poland A and Poland B Poland, Poland C. We want Poland to be one and we implement it through our investments in every corner of Poland, he said.

The declaration of support for Warsaw with three billion was also posted on the Prime Minister’s Facebook profile. “Our great government program of financial support for the capital of Poland contradicts all objections of the opposition that we are taking away from rich communes to give to smaller ones. We treat everyone fairly, because Poland is one – and we want it to be great, rich and developed,” wrote the head of the government. “The PiS government is ready to cooperate with the local governments of every largest city and the smallest region. Poland must develop evenly and in solidarity,” he assured.

The capital city hall: there are no specifics for today

The statement was commented on by a spokeswoman for the capital city hall. – It is completely natural that the largest infrastructural investments are supported from state funds. In other countries, this is a normal practice, because no local government is able to carry out large investments, such as metros, ring roads, museums, stadiums, etc., within its own budget, she said.

She noted that in December, the president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, proposed to Prime Minister Morawiecki the creation of a long-term “Program for the development of Warsaw” in the state budget. – The program included 11 project proposals. In this way, this money will return to Varsovians, taxpayers in the form of investments. As of today, however, there are no specifics, so we are waiting for information on the details of this funding – she added.

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