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Warsaw. More changes to Gagarin over the weekend

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Road workers announce that this weekend the organization of traffic along Gagarina Street will change, where a branch of the tram line to Wilanów is being built and the construction of the Mokotowski Bis sewage collector is underway.

As the capital city hall reminds in the communiqué, since the end of November last year, drivers have been driving along the built road of Gagarin from Belwederska to Stępińska. Two lanes are available: one towards Belwederska, the other towards Wisłostrada.

They will shift traffic to the southbound carriageway

The next episode will open this weekend. Traffic from the northern carriageway of Gagarina Street will be transferred to the newly built southern one. The changes concern the section between ul. Stępińska and Sielecka. From now on, traffic in one lane – in each direction – will take place on the section from Belwederska to Iwicka. On the other hand, there will still be three lanes from Iwicka to Czerniakowska – two towards Czerniakowska and one to Belwederska.

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What will change on the streets perpendicular to Gagarin? It will be possible to leave the southern section of Stępińska to Gagarina to the right, as well as from Sielecka from the side of Chełmska in both directions (right and left). Both streets, Stępińska and Sielecka, will end blindly on the northern side of Podchorążych.

Road workers stipulate that in the event of weather conditions deteriorating, the introduction of the new traffic organization may be delayed by one or two days.

There will be no connection to ul. cadets

The organization of traffic will also change at the intersection with Czerska. The connection with Gagarina from the north will be restored. Road workers will designate two exit lanes here: for turning left towards Czerniakowska and for driving straight at the intersection and turning right towards Belwederska. It will also be possible to leave the southern section of Czerska on all routes. At the intersection, there will be a ban on turning left from Gagarin into Czerska for those coming from both directions.

The connection between Podchorążych Street and Gagarina Street was closed on Monday, February 27. This will be for about a month. On the section from Czerska to Czerniakowska and at the very intersection of Gagarin and Czerniakowska, the organization of traffic will not change. The ability to exit to the right from Cadets in Gagarina will be restored in early April. On the other hand, the traffic organization on Gagarin introduced on Monday will be in force until the beginning of May.

Time organization of traffic on GagarinWarsaw City Hall

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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