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Warsaw. More connections to Krakow, to Vilnius with one change. New train timetable from Sunday

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On Sunday, December 11, the timetable of PKP Intercity trains will change. According to the company’s press release, over 150 trains will serve Warsaw in the new timetable. There will be more connections with Krakow and the Tri-City. The inhabitants of the capital will also gain a convenient connection with Lithuanian Vilnius.

From December 11, 14 pairs of EIP (Pendolino) category trains will run on the tracks, connecting Warsaw with Krakow. In the new timetable, passengers will have a choice of more trains leaving for the capital of Małopolska after 4 p.m. In addition, both cities will also be connected by the IC Kinga train, which will be launched from May. It will run every day, and on the way it will stop, among others, in Radom and Kielce. The connection will be served by the ED160 FLIRT train. The train will leave Warsaw at around 10.30 am, while the return to the capital is scheduled for around 5.50 pm.

As announced by PKP Intercity, the network of connections to Gdynia will be strengthened from March.

From Warsaw to Vilnius

A novelty in the updated timetable will be a train from Kraków to Vilnius. It will be a one-stop connection. They will be provided by the IC Hańcza train (previously TLK Hańcza) which has been running between Krakow and Suwałki so far. The train stops along the way at Warsaw, Wołomin, Tłuszcz, Łochów and Małkinia. From December 11, it will run in an extended relation to the Mockava station located in Lithuania, where it will be connected with the Lithuanian railways to Kaunas and Vilnius.

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A ticket from Warsaw to Kaunas will cost about 20 euros, to Vilnius – 25 euros.

Some trains will change categories

PKP Intercity also announces that the categories of some trains will change to higher ones from TLK to IC. TLK Kormoran will be served by the ED160 FLIRT train from the new timetable. Along with the category, the route of the train will also change – on weekdays it will go from Olsztyn to Bielsko-Biała, and on weekends to Wisła. The train will stop in Działdowo, Mława, Ciechanów, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Legionowo and Warsaw.

In addition, a larger number of recently modernized ED74 electric multiple units will be allocated to service the connections passing through Radom and Pionki. The IC Sztygar train connecting Lublin and Katowice will also be composed of more modern cars. The upgrade of the standard is also planned for TLK Pobrzeże trains on the route Łódź Fabryczna – Kołobrzeg – Łódź Fabryczna and TLK Zosia on the route Łódź Fabryczna – Warszawa Wschodnia – Łódź Fabryczna. The trains will be assembled from modernized air-conditioned IC standard cars.

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Return of trains to Przysucha

As planned, from September next year, a new IC Wieniawski train from Poznań Główny – Lublin Główny – Poznań Główny will provide a direct connection between Radom, among others, with Łódź and Poznań. Thus, it will also enable the inclusion of Przysucha, located at the southern end of the Mazowieckie voivodship, in the network of connections.

On March 12, 2023, selected PKP Intercity trains will travel along the Warsaw ring line, stopping at the Warszawa Młynów station and at the platform of the 9th Warszawa Zachodnia station.

In exchange for the existing IC Wysocki train connecting Katowice with Warsaw, a new EIC Ondraszek train will run on the same route (during the new timetable, after completion of works at the Czechowice-Dziedzice station, the train will be extended from and to Bielsko-Biała). In turn, the EIC Panorama train composed of the latest PKP Intercity cars will travel between Wrocław and Warsaw and will replace the EIP train.

Changes caused by renovations

According to the railway workers, the new schedule takes into account the ongoing and planned modernization works. The most important are those at the Warszawa Zachodnia station, which affect the running of some trains going to and from Warsaw. Due to the introduction of single-track traffic on the long-distance cross-city line, some trains will run through the station Warsaw Gdansk or Warszawa Śródmieście or in a shortened relation to or from Warszawa Wschodnia or Warszawa Główna.

In addition, from June 2023, due to track works on the Central Railway Main Line, the operation of IC Warmia trains (on the section Warszawa Zachodnia – Kraków Główny) and IC Łokietek (across the entire route from Kraków Główny to Warszawa Wschodnia) will be suspended.

This is what the West Railway Station is supposed to look like after modernization

Main photo source: ZagAlex / Shutterstock.com

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