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Warsaw. More trains headed for the wrong tracks

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On Wednesday, two trains were diverted to the wrong tracks at the Warsaw Railway Junction. This is another such situation.

The “Rynek Kolejowy” portal has determined that there are two PKP Intercity trains. The first one on the Łódź – Warsaw route, which at 7 am at the Warszawa Praga station was directed to Warszawa Wschodnia Towarowa – instead of the Grochów station. In turn, the second train going from Bydgoszcz to Rzeszów was to be directed to Warszawa Grochów station – instead of Warszawa Wschodnia Towarowa station. The information was confirmed in a statement by the SKM. As it was reported, “due to the diversion of the train of another carrier to the wrong track, there were traffic difficulties on the section Warszawa Wschodnia – Otwock”.

Train diverted to track “other than scheduled”

Karol Jakubowski from the press office of PKP PLK confirmed only the first event in response to “Rynek Kolejowy”. Within the Warszawa Praga station, the train without passengers was diverted to “a track other than in the timetable”.

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On tvnwarszawa.pl we informed about disastrous inspection results at the Warsaw Railway Junction. The Office of Rail Transport initiated as many as three proceedings. The scope of: traffic management at the Warszawa Zachodnia station, performance of the infrastructure manager’s obligations in relation to the construction of the timetable, as well as the safety of investment works and traffic management were checked.

The results turned out to be crushing for PKP PLK. A number of shortcomings have been identified, including errors made by traffic dispatchers and irregularities related to the ergonomics of their work, irregularities related to the supervision of documentation of traffic control posts and competence management. Moreover, UTK detected incorrect use of the safety management system tools. He also stated that the train paths allocated to railway undertakings were unrealistic to use. In post-inspection statements, PKP PLK was obliged to remove the identified irregularities. The deadline was set for July 31.

Chaos after timetable correction

Chaos in train traffic at the Warsaw Railway Junction began with timetable adjustmentswhich entered into force on March 12 this year. The changes coincided with the ongoing construction works at the Warszawa Zachodnia station. Trains of all carriers were delayed and some canceled. The infrastructure manager had to temporarily reduce the number of connections to control the situation.

Shortly after the introduction of the March timetable correction, there were at least a few incidents in which the traffic controllers diverted train on the wrong track.

At the same time, the Warszawa Zachodnia station is still under reconstruction, which has become an insurmountable labyrinth for passengers, especially for people who walk the way to the platform with heavy luggage.

In turn, until September 2, due to works performed by PKP, the suburban cross-city line is closed to train traffic. Also for this reason, travelers have to reckon with major changes in the running of trains Fast Urban Railway and Koleje Mazowieckie.

“Rynek Kolejowy”, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: PKP PLK

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