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Friday, December 3, 2021

Warsaw. Motorboat “Borkoś” thanks you for your support from the hospital. Rehabilitation awaits him

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“Hello, my lovely little faces! I’m back!” – Marcin Borkowski “Borkoś” wrote on social media on Thursday evening. A well-known Warsaw moped driver was seriously injured in an accident in mid-October. He was in a famacological coma and underwent several operations.

“You cannot even imagine how happy I am, how grateful I am for all these initiatives and how much you did when I could not do anything … Unfortunately, using the phone is still very difficult for me and all activities are exhausting, but not I could wait to say that I am here and thank you. The fitness of the right hand has not been settled yet, more treatments and then general rehabilitation will be needed, but I will keep you informed about all this. showing you how to do it. Today I know that your blood has helped many people. It’s great that you were on duty for me, “we read on Borkosia’s Facebook profile.

Accident of the “Borkosia” moped driver

Let us recall: a well-known motorboat who has helped the participants of the accidents so far, was himself injured on October 13. Moments earlier, on Szwedzka Street, he was helping an injured teenager, later he moved on to the next submission. It collided with a passenger car at the intersection of Radzyminska and Folwarczna. He was hospitalized with broken limbs, and his condition was from the beginning described as serious and required several operations.

Three weeks after the accident, the relatives of “Borkoś” informed on social media that underwent the last operation. They also reported that his condition was very serious and often deteriorated significantly. On November 5, they wrote: “Marcin underwent the last operation, after which the coma-supporting medications were discontinued. Currently, he is slowly recovering and he still needs some rest.”

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Who is “Borkoś”?

Before the accident, Marcin “Borkoś” Borkowski worked in the emergency service in Warsaw. In his spare time, he helped in accidents as a volunteer. He drove around the streets of Warsaw in a motoambulance, which he bought with his money. When a bus accident happened, it fell off the S8 route, “Borkoś” was one of the first rescuers on the spot. He was awarded for this action by the Masovian Voivode.

“Borkoś” is also known for its YouTube channel where it acts as an educator. It shows the interventions of the motoambulance and explains what its work is all about. In films, he also shows real events and explains how you can help yourself and others, for example after a road accident.

Main photo source: archive of TVN24

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