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Warsaw. Multi-storey garage at Woronicza in the register of monuments

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The Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments has entered into the register a multi-storey garage at Woronicza, the former Health Service Depot. – From the beginning, it was distinguished by a bold architectural form combining the features of modernism and old architecture – justifies his decision prof. Jakub Lewicki.

The Mazovian conservator reminds on his website that the concept of building multi-storey garages in urban areas dates back to the Second Republic of Poland. It was restored after 1945. The first project implemented in the capital was the building at Woronicza 19.

“It was erected in the years 1956-1958. From the very beginning, it was distinguished by a bold architectural form combining the features of modernism and old architecture. It is an excellent example of modern modernist architecture implemented independently of socialist realism promoted from above” – ​​describes the conservator.

Direct references to Le Corbusier

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The purpose of the building, Jakub Lewicki explains, enabled the designers to keep the exposed reinforced concrete structure of the ramps and ceilings of individual storeys with a legible impression of the formwork, a direct reference to Le Corbusier.

“This solution in the case of the ramps of the garage at Woronicza 19 resulted from both pragmatism and the direction of urban development of Służewiec Przemysłowy, distinguished by numerous buildings with an innovative, often experimental construction and form of development” – we read in the entry of the conservator, who emphasizes that despite the transformations consisting in insulating the façade and removing the historical clinker of the plinth part, “the minimalism of the architectural means used, including details, combined with the monumental and unique form, constitute a significant artistic value”.

A source of knowledge on the development of the automotive industry

In turn, the scientific value of the building, as the conservator argues, results from its “material layer, including the manufacturing technology, building materials used and their development, as well as technical and functional solutions that characterize the public and industrial buildings of the 1950s”.

According to Lewicki, the use of a reinforced concrete structure for the spiral ramps of the garage, ensuring vertical communication of all storeys of the building for wheeled vehicles, is of particular importance. “The building is also an important source of knowledge about the development of the automotive industry, the need and the construction of multi-storey garages in Warsaw, and the activities of the Central Office of Studies and Projects of Road and Air Transport and the Sanitary Transport Column of the Capital City of Warsaw” – concludes the conservator.

Main photo source: MWKZ

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