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Warsaw. Murder of a 52-year-old in Wołomin. Three men were charged

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The dead man lay in the grass. The knife believed to have been used by the killer was found by the police in a drainpipe and bloody clothes in a garbage can. A 50-year-old man was charged with the murder of a 52-year-old man, and his two friends are suspected of obstructing the investigation and failing to notify law enforcement of the crime.

On June 2, the interrogation of a 50-year-old detained the day before in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wołomin took place. The prosecutor, on the basis of the materials collected in the case, charged the man with the murder of a 52-year-old man and applied to the court for the temporary arrest of the suspect.

The court granted this request. The man was arrested for three months.

In this case, two other men, aged 55 and 32, were also charged at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wołomin, they are suspected of obstructing the proceedings and failing to notify the law enforcement authorities of the murder. The court did not take into account the prosecutor’s request to apply preventive measures against them in the form of arrest, they are subject to police supervision combined with bans on approaching and contacting each other.

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The body of the 52-year-old was found last Thursday

On Thursday, June 1, in the morning, the duty officer of the District Police Headquarters in Wołomin received a report that in Wołomin, at Kościelna Street, at the back of the guarded parking lot, a bloody man was lying in the grass. Police officers went to the scene, where together with the Medical Rescue Team they found the mutilated body of a man.

The situation was notified to the prosecutor who supervised the activities performed by the forensics technician summoned to the scene and police officers from the investigation team. – The officers secured the crime scene and traces that could help identify the perpetrator of this gruesome crime. The activities lasted several hours, said Monika Kaczyńska from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Wołomin.

At the same time, the police were identifying people who could be related to the crime. They questioned witnesses and verified the current information. The collected data showed that as many as three people could have been directly involved in this incident. – In the course of further activities in the sewerage well near the scene, the policemen revealed and secured the knife with which the perpetrator probably committed the crime – added Kaczyńska.

From the collected materials, the police pointed out that the murder could have been committed by a 50-year-old man who was seen in the company of the deceased that evening – they drank alcohol together. The officers located his whereabouts and detained the man on the same day. – In a container adjacent to the scene, they found bloody clothes worn by a 50-year-old man – informed Kaczyńska.

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Main photo source: KPP Wołomin

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