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Warsaw. Murder of a youth councillor. The surprising voice of the mother

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At the end of the trial of the murder of Igor K., the victim’s mother dissociated herself from the position of the prosecutor’s office, which demanded 25 years in prison for the accused lawyer Karolina B.. She asked for a chance for the accused. The defense wants Karolina B. to be punished only for manslaughter.

At the end of the trial of the murder of Igor K., the victim’s mother dissociated herself from the position of the prosecutor’s office, which demanded 25 years in prison for the accused lawyer Karolina B.. She asked for a chance for the accused. The defense wants Karolina B. to be punished only for manslaughter.

The accused and Igor’s mother took the floor

Sentencing in this high-profile case is expected on January 23. At Tuesday’s hearing, closing arguments were made by the prosecution and defense, and the defendant and the victim’s mother also spoke.

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– The blow from which Igor K. died was precise, because the defendant used her fencing skills. Already at the time of his task, Karolina B. issued a death sentence to the victim – the prosecutor argued before the court, demanding 25 years of absolute imprisonment for the accused. “She held the knife upright, the stab was up, it couldn’t have been accidental,” the lawyer said. In her opinion, Karolina killed because she knew that Igor wanted to choose a life without her.

The prosecutor enumerated in detail why the accused should be charged with murder with intent. One of the arguments was that she hid the bloody knife in a drawer in the hall, covered it with clothes. Another, that she admitted in the intercepted secret message to hurting her partner, that she made attempts at subterfuge and that in her case one cannot speak of sincere remorse.

“It was toxic, selfish love”

– The defendant tried to convince her that she loved Igor. The prosecution believes this, but it was toxic, selfish love – said the prosecutor reading excerpts from Karolina B.’s testimony, which were to prove that – according to the experts – the young woman is manipulative, egocentric, afraid of abandonment and reacts to such a threat with anger .

The representative of the auxiliary prosecutor, Igor’s mother, emphasized that the experts ruled out the limitation of sanity, and in their opinion there was no affect. – According to the experts, this act could not have been the result of a panic attack, as Karolina B. claims – she explained.

However, the subsidiary prosecution did not take a position on the penalty. In an interview with PAP, the representative of Igor’s mother said that at the request of her client, she leaves it to the court’s discretion, while dissociating herself from the demands of the public prosecutor.

The mother of the deceased interceded for the accused

The most surprising moment of Tuesday’s hearing were the words of Igor K.’s mother. – Being Igor’s mother was an honor – said the woman. – However, the mother’s eyes see the second child, Karolina. Her mother would have given anything to turn back time, too.

The victim’s mother admitted that she visited Karolina B. in custody, whom she had not met during her son’s lifetime. I didn’t know she needed help so badly. She asked for help, but no one gave her, neither friends nor parents nor me – she explained.

In her opinion, Karolina was lost. – These are highly sensitive people. This is how we set out on the road to madness, ”said the woman. She asked for a chance for the accused.

Defense: The defendant was given a monster’s mouth

– An unimaginable tragedy brought us here, and the interpretation of the prosecution is speculation and innuendo, simplification – said the defendant’s attorney in her closing speech.

In her opinion, the closing speech of the public prosecutor is “the charge of the prosecutor’s office”. – The prosecutor’s office stubbornly promotes the version of direct intent. This version is unacceptable, because there is no direct evidence of intent, the investigators have not presented any evidence of murder – the lawyer explained.

She emphasized that Karolina B. did not run away from the scene, that she had the right to be chaotic in providing help. – Maybe ineptly, but she called for help – said the lawyer, recalling that it was recorded on the recording. And that Karolina wanted to go with Igor to the hospital.

– If she wanted to kill, she would have done it in the apartment, not in the stairwell. And she would have aimed for the head or the heart, one of those points that guarantee death. In her opinion, there can be neither direct intention nor possible, but only unintentional manslaughter. The defense wants such a qualification (manslaughter is punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years), the lowest possible sentence, including arrest and a therapeutic mode of serving the sentence.

The defendant’s attorneys once again pointed out to the prosecutor’s office irregularities which, in their opinion, had taken place in the preparatory proceedings, including biased witness interviews. – The accused Gombrowicz’s face was made. A monster’s mouth, one of the lawyers said.

The accused apologized to the victim’s mother

Finally, the accused spoke up. Once again, apologizing to the victim’s mother and declaring that she would do anything to replace her dead son.

– Igor lost his life, and I lost my good name and a loved one – the court argued with tears. She lamented the absurd – in her opinion – accusation and the Internet portals that “turned tragedies into a cheap sensation”. She also said that she only felt guilty about taking her own medication and not seeking help for her health.

Student and social worker. Who was Igor K.?

The indictment in this case was submitted to the court on April 8, 2022. According to the investigators, 21-year-old Igor K. was injured on the night of April 29-30 in a building on Sarmacka Street in Warsaw. The man was found in the stairwell, clutching his stomach, with a stab wound and bleeding. Karolina B. was bending over him. The residents of the building called the ambulance and the police. The victim died several hours later in the hospital. The investigation determined that the cause of death was a blow with a 15-centimeter blade.

21-year-old Igor K. died in Karolina B.’s apartment in Wilanów. He lived in Lublin on a daily basis. He was the vice-chairman of the Youth City Council of Lublin. He studied at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He was also the marshal of the Children and Youth Parliament of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. He was also a member of the Council for Dialogue with the Young Generation and a member of the Children and Youth Parliament.

Karolina B. was also predicted a career. She was a member of the Students’ Parliament of the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities. She then studied law and earned bachelor’s degrees in criminology and history. She was on an internship in several central institutions, worked in the office of one of the directors of the Prime Minister’s Office. She chaired the Portia foundation and was an influential activist of the KoLiber association. She trained fencing and took part in sports épée tournaments.

In the appellate court the trial of Kajetan P. is also pending:

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The court set the dates for the first hearings of Kajetan P.TVN24
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Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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