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Warsaw. Murder of the Jaroszewicz marriage. Process. What are the findings?

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The defendants in the case of the murder of the Jaroszewicz marriage were released in August by a court decision. The complaint was lodged by the prosecutor’s office, who assessed the decision as “unjustified” and “shocking”. There are voices that the background for the murder of the couple must have been politics. Although almost 30 years have passed since the crime, it still remains unsettled. At what stage is the process?

One of the most mysterious crimes of the 1990s took place on the night of August 31 to September 1, 1992. The body of former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz in his villa in Anin, Warsaw, was found by his younger son Jan. He was concerned that his parents were not answering the phone. After finding his father’s body, he immediately went to notify the police. Only after that it turned out that his mother was also dead.

The former prime minister was strangled with a rifle strap and pulled with a string. The man was found tied to an armchair in his office with a bandaged head. Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz was shot from the same rifle, her body was found lying on her back in the bathroom. According to a police note prepared at the time, the house had no visible signs of a break-in, among other things, broken telephones. The police also noticed the strange behavior of the schnauzer dog – he practically did not react to the presence of other people and “gave the impression of being stunned”.

The Jaroszewiczs were very careful

The couple’s son, Jan Jaroszewicz, spoke immediately during the first interrogation that the perpetrators of the crime were not looking for material goods. He admitted that he did not know that his father had any documents of state importance at home, but he knew that he was working on “corrections and supplements” to the book “Break the Silence”, published in 1991. The man also emphasized that the entrance door to his parents’ villa was open, despite the fact that only he and his parents had the key, and it is impossible to add one in Poland.

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Jaroszewicz’s son from his first marriage, Andrzej, was also questioned, and emphasized that the former prime minister and his wife were very cautious people. The only careless behavior on his father’s part was supposed to be night walks with the dog. However, Piotr Jaroszewicz would go for such walks with a pistol, and when he watched TV in the evening, the gun was on the handy table. “It was customary that even when I was to come to my parents in the evening, I would notify them by phone earlier – this was the contract. It never happened that the door to the house was open (…) The parents would never let any stranger into the premises in the evening. property “- we read in the interview report.

Covering traces at the initial stage

The investigation was initiated on September 2, 1992, but – as many years later are emphasized by many observers – in its initial phase, many mistakes were made that could not be corrected later. Too many people had access to the crime scene, which resulted in the blurring of traces. The dactyloscopic foils with fingerprints were also missing from the files. In fact, finding them made the Prague district prosecutor’s office in Warsaw decide in 2017 to undertake another investigation.

Earlier in 2000, the defendants were legally acquitted of four repeat offenders. The trial had been taking place since 1994 and the main evidence was to be the testimony of a concubine of one of them.

The case of the Jaroszewicz murderTVN archive

Breakthrough: allegations against members of the karate gang

On the breakthrough in the Jaroszewicz case in March 2018 informed the Minister of Justice, Public Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro. The aim was to present charges to three alleged perpetrators, of which two confessed to the alleged acts. It was about Robert S., Marcin B. and Dariusz S. – former members of the so-called karate gang, which committed several dozen robberies in the 1990s. The crime committed in Jaroszewicz was also supposed to be a robbery.

The whole case was initiated by the explanations of Dariusz S. The man submitted them in February of the same year in the course of another investigation – he was then threatened with a severe penalty in the case of kidnapping for ransom. Admitting his participation in the robbery of the Jaroszewiczs ‘villa and thus incriminating his former colleagues from the group, S. used the status of a small crown witness, and therefore, in the kidnapping case, he was sentenced to only two years’ imprisonment. The Krakow district prosecutor’s office informed about the fact that the indictment was sent to the court at the end of 2019.

[Prosecutor]: testimonies indicate that the suspects were in the Jaroszewicz villa14.03 | At the press conference in Krakow, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that – after the prosecutor had charged three probable murderers of the Jaroszewiczs – we were faced with further evidence and “establishing all the details of this case, this crime, but also other crimes, about which the prosecutors and the police found out in conducting this investigation.tvn24

Robert S., who is considered to be the gang leader, was accused of strangling Piotr Jaroszewicz and shooting his wife, and Dariusz S. and Marcin B. were accused of complicity in the murder of the former prime minister. The defendants were to take from the villa two pistols, five thousand German marks, five gold coins and a women’s watch. In addition, Robert S. was accused of the murder of the marriage of S. in 1991 in Gdynia and the attempted murder of a man in Izabelin in 1993. Originally, the case was to be dealt with by a court in Gdańsk, but eventually it was brought to the District Court in Warsaw. The trial started in August last year.

As in the preparatory proceedings, Robert S. did not plead guilty to any of the alleged offenses. – The charges and the prosecution before the court were based on the lies of the co-accused. I had nothing to do with these acts. I didn’t take any part in them. Until the day the charges were brought, I had no knowledge of the involvement of Marcin B. and Dariusz S. in the crime in Anin – he emphasized at the first hearing.

They gave explanations for the year, hiding behind oblivion

It took almost a year for the accused to provide explanations. Although Dariusz S. and Marcin B. claimed that they were at the crime scene, during the trial they repeatedly hid their oblivion and were unable to point out the basic facts about the day of the attack. They modified some of the explanations submitted to the prosecutor’s office, and withdrew completely others. However, they consistently burdened Robert S., emphasizing that he was in charge of the attack, and they were ordinary task performers. This is in contradiction with some explanations of Robert S. himself, who argued that he was led to a criminal path by the oldest of the three, Dariusz S. He also argued that the man was a vindictive person, prone to bragging and jealous of the fact that it was Robert S. .performs financially.

However, nobody explained why criminals, whose activity was focused on robbery, decided to attack the house of a famous politician, not take anything extremely valuable from there, and finally kill him and his wife. – I think that Robert S. has lost something. (…) Later I found out that he was an erratic, violent and even dangerous person, but that evening I did not know about it, because it was our first job together – explained Dariusz S.

Was there a further bottom to the case?

Already before the court, S. suggested that the case “could have been a bottom line”. At one point, he even said that he had not seen Robert S. shoot anyone, but only assumed that it had happened. He also suggested that someone else might have entered the Jaroszewicz villa after the attack by their group. – Since Piotr Jaroszewicz was tortured and burned with cigarettes, and we were not doing something like that, someone had to do it – this is the only explanation – he said.

Despite numerous accusations against the group’s boss, Dariusz S., he consistently maintained that he behaved “politely and culturally” during the attacks. – Most of the attacks were peaceful, I did not use drastic methods – confirmed the main accused. He also emphasized that the men who incriminate him are united by “the loyalty of accomplices in criminal matters”. “They have something in common that is afraid of both,” he said.

The court hears the accused in the case of the Jaroszewicz murder

The court hears the accused in the case of the Jaroszewicz murderTVN24

“The court cannot fail to react.” Arrests lifted

August gave a new turn in the matter the court’s decision to release the accused from almost four years of detention. Judge Agnieszka Jarosz pointed to the decreasing probability that they were actually the perpetrators of the crime.

– The court cannot fail to react to the weakening of the strength of the evidence resulting from the trial. In the present case, the perpetration of the accused is indicated only by the evidence from the explanations of Dariusz S. and Marcin B. – she justified. The prosecutor’s office complained about the decision as “unfounded” and “shocking”. The case is waiting for the third deadline to be set – the reasons for the delay are, inter alia, new applications submitted by the parties to the proceedings.

Could the background of the murder have been politics?

Among people who are still investigating the circumstances of the former prime minister’s death, there is a fairly widespread belief that the background must have been politics. Jaroszewicz was brutally tortured, and at the same time he was given drugs and his wounds were dressed. Particularly puzzling was the fact that the tied man had a free right hand, which would suggest forcing a signature on a document. Monika Góra, the author of the book “The Man Who Knew Too Much. Why Did the Jaroszewiczs Die?” There are several versions: some talk about information compromising dignitaries of the Polish People’s Republic, others about documents obtained during World War II.

The relatives of the victims, including both sons of the prime minister, are the auxiliary prosecutors in the trial pending before the Warsaw court. One of them regularly appears in the courtroom, Andrzej Jaroszewicz, whom Marcin B. explanations submitted by the accused. When asked by PAP about the assessment of the trial a few months later, the son of the former prime minister did not express a clear opinion, emphasizing that the proceedings were still at an early stage. “One thing’s for sure: all three of them are just calculating, ruthless, conscientious, unscrupulous bandits – and one of them, Robert S., is still a total psychopath,” he said.

Main photo source: TVN archive

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