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Warsaw. Music of Faith Festival, Music of Peace 2021 – program

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– To express the inexpressible – the organizers say about the idea of ​​the Music of Faith – Music of Peace festival. The program consists of four evenings that are to be a musical and spiritual experience.

The life of a Warsaw music lover is not easy. The new season begins during the summer holidays with the Chopin and his Europe festival. Then Warsaw Autumn for avant-garde fans, which overlaps with Crazy Days of Music for lovers of the classics (this year Beethoven). A moment of breath and three weeks with the national composer during the Chopin Competition. The discussions have not stopped yet after the jury’s verdictAnd you have to sit in the barn to check what’s up in jazz. And make difficult decisions, because this year Jazz Jamboree it collides with the Music of Faith – the Music of Peace.

In this company, the festival organized by the John Paul II Thought Center is the least popular and only fights for the attention of the audience. This year it will be the fifth time, last year’s edition was held without an audience due to pandemic reasons.

– That year made me realize one important thing – that the audience in space creates an inalienable value. On one side there were musicians who came to work (great, but still), and on the other side there were technicians – operators, sound engineers – who also came to work. Only when the artists are able to look into the eyes of the audience, they grow wings – says Miron Zajfert, artistic director of the festival.

Spirituality and music

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The organizers define the festival as an encounter between the sacred and the profane, a confrontation between global and local culture, a space where “spirituality is expressed through art”. But it is by no means a religious event.

– The festival is a search for universal cultural codes directed towards the highest direction. It is a festival of 21st century music: at times radical and destroying walls, at times polite and put to sleep. This melting pot contains the entire spectrum of the world of improvised music with a slight shift towards classical music, with a hint of what can be called folk – explains Zajfert. Music of Faith, Music of Peace from the very beginning tries to build the program from what is new: ordered for the festival and played at it. Often just that one time.

Unique places

The attraction of the first concert will also be the very location – the Nowa Miodowa room in the music school complex at Racławicka Street. Opened only a few weeks ago, it seems to have been created directly for the acoustic compositions of Arvo Pärt, an Estonian composer of sacred music. On Friday, they will be heard in non-obvious interpretations by musicians combining the worlds of classical music and jazz: the Lutosławski Quartet, the pianist Dominik Wania and the singer Anna Lobedan. – It is music that successfully refers to medieval, ascetic climates, but at the same time extremely contemporary, successfully referring to our today’s sensitivity – praises Miron Zajfert.

We will hear the next premiere on Sunday at the Polish Radio Studio. Witold Lutosławski. Bartek Wąsik, Adam Eljasiński, Marcin Makowicz and Michał Pepol will present their interpretation of Olivier Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time” on the 80th anniversary of the first performance. The same evening we will hear songs from the Apparition album performed by Agata Zubel (vocals) and Krzysztof Książek (piano).

“Hymn to the Unfortunate Shipwrecked”mat. organizer

Ecumenism, multiculturalism

Monday evening in the studio of the Polish Radio. Władysław Szpilman will prove the ecumenism of the Music of Faith – the Music of Peace. Michał Górczyński, together with Paweł Szpura and Jacek Mazurkiewicz, will take us into the world of Yazidi music. The line-up will be completed by Syrian singers percussionist Adeb Chamoun.

– In the Hymn about the Unfortunate Shipwreck, Michał Górczyński reached for archaic sacred texts of the Yazidis, a community which – to put it mildly – is not doing well. Whoever does not exercise power, it is difficult for them. Their specific faith, combining elements of several religions, was not liked by the Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish rulers for hundreds of years. This multicultural and multi-denominational anthem fits into the idea of ​​the festival in one hundred percent, even with a slight excess – praises the director.

In the second part, the pianist Krzysztof Dys will perform a solo concert. The organizers promise to “create a musical space for a subtle conversation with the God of Christians, Jewish Yahweh and Muslim Allah.”

Finally, on Tuesday in the Evangelical Reformed Church we will hear the concert of “Leggerezza”. It is a project created especially for the festival by three outstanding artists: singer Olga Mysłowska, cellist Michał Pepol and Patryk Zakrocki – a violist who eagerly reaches for other instruments. Selected texts from “American Lectures”, the poetic and philosophical testament of Italo Calvino, served as inspiration.

– They reached for this great figure to pick out quotes from him, such as tenderness, lightness, subtlety and delight. In my opinion, it will be something great, a combination of the world of improvised music with contemporary music. The perfect punch line of this festival – summarizes our interlocutor.

Leggerezzamat. organizer

The accompanying event will be the screening of the film “El Gusto” on Saturday at the Muranów cinema. This is Safinez Bousbia’s documentary debut presenting portraits of Arab and Jewish performers of Chaabi’s music – an Algerian mixture of Berber and Andalusian religious songs and jazz.

Main photo source: mat. organizer

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