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Warsaw, Mysliborska. A pregnant woman lived under a concrete shed in Białołęka

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A homeless woman in advanced pregnancy lived with her partner in a concrete shed unprotected on the sides at Myśliborska Street. The city guards helped her. When they found her, she was lying under old quilts. The 26-year-old was hospitalized.

“The situation was serious. A 26-year-old woman was in the hospital in mid-November, where for medical reasons the delivery was to be accelerated, but this did not happen because she signed herself out. On the morning of December 7, the officers decided to check how she was feeling pregnant. In the place where she usually stayed, they found her lying under old quilts, “we read in the communiqué of the city guard.

It added that “although her face was pale and swollen, the woman claimed that she felt fine, the baby was moving, so she did not need medical attention.”

The pregnant 26-year-old lived under a concrete shedMetropolitan Municipal Police

They asked the lifeguards for help

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The guards, however, did not give up. They asked for help from the ambulance, which was standing nearby, at Myśliborska. After the examination, the medics said that the woman should be immediately taken to the hospital, but she refused. After long talks, however, she relented, but made a condition that her cohabitant would go with her. The ambulance could not take the man, so in order not to expose the woman to additional stress, the guards decided to transport him to the hospital in a police car.

“Since the 43-year-old is also homeless and had no warm clothes, one of the guards gave him a piece of clothing and covered him with a thermal blanket. On the way to the hospital, the guards determined that the street workers working in the area had already received a decision from the competent family court to grant the woman medical assistance, even if she does not agree to it.

The guards also helped the 26-year-old cohabitantMunicipal Police

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After the intervention of the officers, the woman was taken to the hospital. “There is hope that the child will be born in civilized conditions” – summed up the city guards who will continue to monitor the situation of the 26-year-old.

Main photo source: Metropolitan Municipal Police

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