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Warsaw. National Prosecutor's Office investigating the fires. One concerns the shopping center at Marywilska Street

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The Masovian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw took over two proceedings regarding fires that occurred in April and May this year in Warsaw, including the fire at the Marywilska 44 market hall – said prosecutor Karol Borchólski from the National Prosecutor's Office. .

He said that in the investigation into the fire at the Marywilska 44 market hall in Warsaw, evidence is currently being collected, including hearings of witnesses and victims.

– In the second of the ongoing proceedings, five suspects were currently charged with participating in an organized criminal group aimed at committing terrorist crimes. At the prosecutor's request, the court applied a preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest against all suspects, noted prosecutor Borchólski.

He emphasized that due to the interests and nature of the investigations and the ongoing procedural activities, the prosecutor's office does not provide detailed information on the course of the proceedings.

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They returned to the hall

On Monday, merchants who suffered in the fire in the hall at Marywilska Street gathered near the burned hall. A temporary office of the company managing the hall was opened in the containers, where buyers could apply for a refund of the deposit and part of the rent. In the second room, they could sign a new lease agreement and draw a box number at a temporary market, which will be built in the parking lot adjacent to the burned hall.

Merchants said that the market would be divided into zones, e.g. the Vietnamese zone or small household appliances, clothing, etc.

On Monday, a crowd of people milled around the office container. You could meet mainly Poles and Vietnamese, although there were also smaller numbers of representatives of other nations. Some camped here all night long. A special queue list was created, according to which merchants signed new contracts and drew boxes.

“I just arrived and signed up on the list. It's a drawing, so what difference does it make at what time I take out the card with the box number? It will be decided by fate,” said one of the ladies selling in the hall. She emphasized that she really liked the idea of ​​the draw because it was fair. “In the old hall, it happened that someone got a box in a better place for money,” she added. The woman emphasized that she was aware that she would not be served today, so she would come on Tuesday to complete the formalities.

Another woman waiting for the draw arrived at Marywilska at night. “I have been standing here since the night and I will stand there until the contract is signed,” the woman said. She added that she really liked the idea of ​​defining trading zones because it would bring order. He also believes that drawing lots is a good way to allocate a place to a temporary god.

The waiting merchants were most bothered by the heat, some of them took shelter in the shade of another hall that was not caught in the fire. They also complained about the very slow work rate of the staff and only one rental desk.

Thousands of jobs were burned

The hall at Marywilska Street, which had approximately 1,400 service points, burned down on May 12. Help for merchants was offered by the city hall, which started the implementation of the pilot project “Rebuild your future”.

The project assumes co-financing of salaries in the amount of PLN 2,121 gross per month, for 3 consecutive months, per employee (in the case of part-time employment, the co-financing will be paid proportionally). The call for applications will be open until June 30, 2024.

Injured merchants can also use the help of the Social Insurance Institution. This applies to all types of relief, including: postponing the deadline for payment of contributions or spreading the amounts due for unpaid contributions into installments.

In June, part of the temporary hall for merchants who lost their positions in the fire at the center at ul. should be ready. Marywilska and in July the entire hall. The tenant of the land declares that he will also want to rebuild the future market hall.

Main photo source: PAP

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