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Warsaw. New cars for e-control. In total, there are already nine of them in the capital

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Road workers picked up another pair of electric cars for e-control of paid parking on Monday. They will help maintain the frequency of inspections following the recent expansion of the zone to include Żoliborz and the rest of Ochota.

As the Municipal Roads Authority reminds, the e-control system has been operating in Warsaw for nearly two years, and each vehicle performs work comparable to 10 two-person pedestrian patrols, which significantly increases the efficiency of collecting fees. “Toll control is an important link in the proper functioning of the Unguarded Paid Parking Zone. The purpose of paid parking is to ensure rotation at parking spaces. This, in turn, is only possible if we eliminate dishonest drivers who do not comply with the rules in force for years” – explained road workers.

That’s why – after successful tests and piloting with three vehicles – they made a decision about increasing their number to seven firstand now to nine by taking advantage of the opportunity to increase the September order for four such cars.


The number of seats is decreasing

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Road engineers also reminded what exactly is the operation of e-control cars. Each of them has a device on the roof with cameras and sensors that scan the license plates of cars in the SPPN and search for those drivers who have not paid for parking. “The control is performed twice in a short period of time to eliminate mistakes or vehicles whose drivers are just going to the parking meter. Thanks to a special RFID reader, the e-control car automatically recognizes the Honor Cards, Insurgent Cards and N + Cards left in the car, which entitle them to a free stop in the SPPN “- they noted.

In their opinion, the measure of the effectiveness of the system is … the decreasing number of penalties issued: “Paradoxically, the fewer there are, the better. The goal is not to punish drivers, but to eliminate the phenomenon of toll avoidance” – emphasized ZDM.

In total, there are already nine e-inspection cars in WarsawZDM

The first city in Poland with e-control

Warsaw is the first city in Poland to introduce such a system. “At first glance, it is similar to the solutions functioning, for example, in Amsterdam, but it is definitely more modern. No European system is able to determine the position of the controlled vehicle with such accuracy. With less precise solutions, additional verification by a pedestrian patrol is necessary. The e- system control relieves the foot patrols, which can therefore be directed to other areas “- praise the capital’s solution.

And they point out that other Polish cities also want to introduce such a solution. Poznań has already started the tests, e-control cars are also to appear in the Tri-City, among others, and – as ZDM reports – also Kraków, Częstochowa and Opole, and even the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, asked Warsaw about the functioning of the system.

The paid parking zone itself is also changing. Last year, the fee for the lack of a ticket was significantly increased – from 50 to 250 PLN. From January this year, parking itself costs more. As ZDM points out, it was the first change in the rate in several years, and making the tariff more realistic was necessary for the paid parking zone to fulfill its function properly.

Main photo source: ZDM

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