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Warsaw. New ordinance of Rafał Trzaskowski. Developers are expected to pay more for roads and parking spaces

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Warsaw is growing in sight, and so are the needs. The city has issued a new ordinance according to which the developer will secure money for the modernization of the road, for example around the future housing estate, before construction. Material by Łukasz Wieczorek from the “Poland and the World” program.

– It is known that if we build a new building, the traffic will increase. A small street needs to be expanded so that it accepts this move – says Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for the Municipal Roads Authority.

According to the law, every developer has to contribute to the construction or repair of the road in the vicinity of the investment. – We had cases where investors first declared that they would build a road, submitted their declaration, and then failed to comply with it – informs Michał Olszewski, vice-president of Warsaw. To avoid such situations, the president of the capital introduced a new ordinance: the developer will secure money for the modernization of the road around the future housing estate or shopping center before construction (we wrote about it recently on tvnwarszawa.pl).

– There will simply be a financial security, we will not have to snap it like that, rush it, “and do it here, because we are waiting here, the building is standing, and the road is not yet rebuilt” – explains the advantages of the new solution Dybalski.

So that the city does not spill

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The new ordinance includes specific rates for properties over five thousand square meters. Example: for an investment of over 10,000 meters in the center, the developer will have to invest PLN 1.25 million in the reconstruction of the road. Almost two million (PLN 1.93 million) on the outskirts.

The further you go, the more money you need to build infrastructure that will improve, or even allow you to get to, the city center. – We also want to prevent the city from spilling over, so that is why there are higher rates in the peripheral areas and at the city limits – explains Vice Mayor Olszewski.

– This, of course, will be a factor that we will calculate. So it will move us more towards the center, building where this infrastructure already exists, and it will slightly reduce our willingness to build in the suburbs – says Konrad Płochocki from the Polish Association of Developers.

They will pay for parking spaces

There will also be higher rates in the center for investors who build hotels or offices. Each additional parking space will cost the developer PLN 10,000. With 200 places, they are already two million. For the parking lots themselves, not including the rate per square meter of the building.

– Such a fee is to give a clear signal that it is a fee that de facto corresponds to the value of our outlays, which we as a city have to make in order to then adapt the transport system to each new parking space – describes Michał Olszewski.

The construction of gigantic parking lots may no longer pay off. The more so because developers saw that some of the parking spaces in front of the offices were empty before the pandemic. – It will definitely be a very strong motivation to limit the number of parking spaces – believes Płochocki. And he adds: – I absolutely do not believe that they will be completely without parking lots, but I believe that there will be fewer and fewer of these parking lots being built.

New procedures for developers may mean slightly higher costs, but also faster settling the matter than on the general principles. The city is even counting on slowing the growth of new housing prices.

Author:Łukasz Wieczorek / katke / b

Main photo source: TVN24

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