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Warsaw. New parking meters in Żoliborz. How do they look?

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The new parking meters that have already appeared in Żoliborz differ from those that drivers already know. They have a different color, and the keyboard with buttons has been replaced by a touchscreen. These are preparations for extending the paid parking zone – informs “Gazeta Stołeczna”.

New marking, painting of stripes and parking spaces. The Municipal Roads Authority is preparing to expand the paid parking zone in Ochota and Żoliborz. The changes also include setting up new parking meters. According to “Gazeta Stołeczna”, these have already appeared in Żoliborz: along Rydygiera Street, further ZDM plans to install new ones: on Braci Załuskich, Włościańska, ks. Popiełuszki, Krajewskiego, Sady Żoliborskie and in the al. Wojska Polskiego.

The spokesman for ZDM, Jakub Dybalski, explained to “Stołeczna” how the new machines differ from those that drivers already know. In addition to a different shape and colors (the new ones are graphite-gray), they also differ in improvements. From now on, drivers will use touch screens instead of the keyboard. Dybalski assured that thanks to this they would operate faster. The display itself, informing about the parking time and the amount to be paid, is to be larger and colorful. At the top of the machine, a solar energy collection panel is installed. The payment card slot also disappears. From now on, you only need to approach her on the left. You will still be able to pay with coins, but ZDM encourages mobile payments.

Dybalski also announced that City Group won the tender for the supply, installation and rental of 250 new parking meters. The cost is nearly PLN 11.9 million. From November 15, a total of 1,940 parking toll collection devices are to operate in the enlarged parking area.

Extension of the SPPN. What will change?

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As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, in line with the resolution of the Warsaw Council this fall The Unguarded Paid Parking Zone will be extended to two more districts: Żoliborz and Ochota. According to ZDM, the traffic organization will change there on over 250 streets. In addition, preparations for the extension of the SPPN in Saska Kępa, Górny Mokotów (north of Madalińskiego) and Dolny Mokotów (area limited by Gagarina and Czerniakowska streets) have begun.

Horizontal and vertical signs indicating places to park and informing about the zone will appear on 145 streets of Ochota and 121 streets of Żoliborz. There will be a total of over 14.2 thousand parking spaces in the zone. This is twice as much as last year, when the SPPN expanded to include parts of Wola and Praga-Północ. ZDM announced earlier that the zone in Żoliborz and Ochota should be launched in mid-November.

Currently, the paid parking zone includes approximately 37.8 thousand parking spaces in Warsaw. After this year’s expansion, the number of parking spaces will exceed 50,000.

“Gazeta Stołeczne”, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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