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Warsaw. New pedestrian crossing on Ostrobramska Street. When will it be built?

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Road engineers confirm: there will be a new ground crossing through Ostrobramska. The zebra crossing project at the intersection with Poligonowa and Grenadierów has just been approved.

The project to build a new crossing on Ostrobramska Street is part of a large tender for the construction and modernization of signaling in 17 locations throughout Warsaw, which the Municipal Roads Authority announced last year.

“Ultimately, we managed to obtain offers for 11 locations – these include ul. Rembielińska in the area of ​​number 8, the intersection of Wólczyńska and Nocznickiego, Puławska and Romera, and Branickiego and Sarmacka. Designs for individual locations are already at the final stage of preparation. After their Once completed, we plan to gradually announce tenders for field work and implement them next year,” road engineers say.

Residents asked about the crossing

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On Tuesday, Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, met with the residents Pragi Południe (read the report). The questions included: the issue of ground crossings at Ostrobramska Street. The resident said that the footbridge is difficult for some people to cross, and the elevators are often broken.

“Now we can confirm that this will happen. The design for the reconstruction of the intersection of Ostrobramska Street with Poligonowa and Grenadierów Street has been approved. The designer still needs to prepare industry documentation (including electrical documentation), but the design work is nearing completion. We want it to happen This will happen this year, so that in the winter it will be possible to select a contractor for construction works. The crossing itself would be built next year,” road engineers inform.

“The most important element of the project is the designation of a new crossing in the western part of the intersection. The new zebra crossing will be equipped with traffic lights, and a bicycle crossing will also be built,” they add.

There will also be a bicycle path

The missing crossing will also be marked right next to the street crossing. Grenadiers. The Municipal Roads Authority is also planning to build a new bicycle road, which will lead from Białowieska Street – two more missing crossings are also to be marked here. At the same time, the heavily damaged sidewalks along Ostrobramska Street will be renovated.

“Even though there will be a new crossing at the intersection, the waiting time for drivers will not be longer. Currently, they still have to stop at the traffic lights. The difference will be that pedestrians will be able to get to the other side comfortably and safely” – road workers summarize.

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Washington Avenue in WarsawArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: administration of cities roads

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