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Warsaw. New railway crossings at the Olszynka Grochowska reserve

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Since Thursday, residents of Praga Południe and Rembertów have had convenient and safe railway crossings at their disposal. They have been asking for them for many years. The crossings will make it easier to reach, among other places, the Olszynka Grochowska nature reserve.

As PKP PLK emphasizes in a press release, the new crossings are a response to appeals from residents of the Warsaw districts of Praga Południe and Rembertów.

“We have built safe crossings over the tracks that lead to the hiking trail in the Olszynka Grochowska Nature Reserve. We have secured the crossings with barriers and light and sound signals. We have installed lighting and built sidewalks,” the railway workers reported on Friday.

Crossings were built on railway line No. 7 from Warsaw to Lublin at the height of Podolska Street in Grochów and line 506 at the height of Podhalańska Street in the Kawęczyn-Wygoda estate in Rembertów.

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New railway crossings in WarsawPKP PLK

Residents had to cross illegally

For many years, residents had to cross the tracks either illegally or by taking long detours. The distance that separates Rembertów from the nature reserve at the height of the illegal crossing is about 20 meters. To get there via the legally established crossing, one had to overcome over 1,640 meters.

– For the residents of Rembertów, this is a crossing that shortens the journey to the city center. Many people have to take their children to school this way every day. This is a communication route – Weronika Kuźma, a resident of Rembertów, told Uwaga! TVN reporters.

New railway crossings in WarsawPKP PLK

Works on the Warsaw East-Warsaw Wawer line

Railway workers announce that this is not the end of work related to improving safety on the line between Warszawa Wschodnia and Wawer, modernized for over PLN 422 million net.

They remind us that on June 9 this year, two underground passages were made available to passengers at the Warszawa Gocławek stop. One of them is located on Korkowa Street and leads to nearby housing estates, the other is directly connected to the platform at the height of Goździków Street. Both tunnels are equipped with stairs and ramps.

As part of the works on the railway line in this part of the city, four more crossings were built (including one rebuilt). “Currently, finishing works are underway in the facilities at Tomasza Edisona Street, Jana Skrzyneckiego Street (under the viaduct on Płowiecka Street), at the Warszawa Wawer station and between IV Poprzeczna and V Poprzeczna Streets,” explains PKP PLK.

In turn, at the Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska stop on Chłopickiego Street, a new footbridge over the tracks is being built, which will be equipped with stairs and elevators. “We are working on launching a dynamic passenger information system on all platforms. The work is planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2024,” the railway workers inform.

In addition, as part of the same investment, from December 2023, passengers will be able to use new and modernized stops: Warszawa Grochów, just behind the hospital on Szaserów Street, Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska, Warszawa Gocławek and at the Warszawa Wawer station.

“Between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Wawer we have separated the agglomeration traffic from the long-distance traffic thanks to the construction of two additional tracks on the Warszawa Gocławek to Warszawa Wawer section” – they sum up.

Main image source: PKP PLK

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