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Warsaw. New rescue equipment for city guards

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City guards got new rescue equipment. – Thanks to modern automatic defibrillators and rescue rucksacks, they will be able to provide help more effectively in situations of sudden life and health threats – the capital city hall announced on Wednesday.

Until now, city guards who intervened in cases of sudden cardiac arrest rescued the injured only with compressions and rescue breaths.

“The defibrillator used immediately after an emergency significantly increases the chances of survival of the injured person and facilitates rescue operations by the intervening guards until the arrival of the ambulance” – said the town hall.

Specially marked cars

– City guards work daily for our safety. They are called into unusual, often very difficult situations. That is why it is so important to provide them with professional rescue equipment. From now on, specially marked cars of the Municipal Police, equipped with life-saving equipment, will run on the streets of our city. The new rescue equipment includes, among others, 10 semi-automatic defibrillators – said the vice-president of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska, quoted in the press release.

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There will be specially marked cars of the Municipal Police on the streets of Warsaw, equipped with life-saving equipment. Municipal Police


Training for guards

AED defibrillators, which are already on the equipment of the Municipal Police, can be operated by anyone. Their software will guide you through the steps necessary to restore vital functions. “However, city guards undergo regular training improving the skills of providing pre-medical aid with the use of defibrillators. In addition, the unit has a qualified staff of several dozen officers who have completed a qualified first aid course and paramedics” – noted the town hall.

64 rescuers

– 64 rescuers work in the Municipal Police – most of them are qualified pre-medical aid rescuers, who have completed professional training courses, and who are well-versed in rescue activities. Among them, there are seven paramedics with a professional title and authorization to provide diagnostic, treatment, preventive and prophylactic services, especially in life-threatening or health-threatening situations. Now they are getting the equipment, thanks to which they will be able to provide help to an even greater extent and even faster – emphasized Renata Kaznowska.

Rescue backpacks

In addition to defibrillators, the guards were given 20 modular emergency backpacks. Their contents are broken down into sections to help with specific types of injury. Other items are in a compartment intended, for example, for haemorrhage control, and others for limb injuries. The acquisitions are supplemented by 11 specialized rescue backpacks, which have been used by rescue units so far.

New equipment for city guards.Municipal Police

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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