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Warsaw. New sidewalk on Świerszcza Street. It will connect two important arteries. There is a tender. Scope of work

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The Municipal Roads Authority announced a tender for the construction of a sidewalk along Świerszcza Street. It will be built on the section from Rybnicka Street to the intersection with Aleja 4 Czerwca 1989. Pedestrians will also gain new crossings. The bus stop will also undergo renovation.

Świerszcza in Włochy is connected by two important streets: Aleja 4 Czerwca 1989 and Globusowa Street. Despite this, there is no sidewalk on the section from Rybnicka towards Ursus. It is true that on the section to ul. There has been a sidewalk made of slabs since the beginning, but its glory days are already behind it. Further on, there is only a worn-out roadside interrupted by exits to properties. This will change soon.

The Municipal Roads Authority announced a tender for the construction of a new sidewalk. The works will cover a section of the street approximately 540 meters long between Rybnicka and Traktorzystów streets (intersection with Aleja 4 Czerwca 1989). “The remains of the current sidewalk – where it exists – will be demolished. In its place, there will be a two-meter-wide sidewalk made of anti-smog tiles 50×50 centimeters,” the road engineers wrote in the press release.

Changes to the road, pedestrian crossings

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As part of the investment, the Przepiórki 02 bus stop will also be renovated. According to road engineers, it will have a new surface and will be connected to a new sidewalk. “In addition, we will designate two new pedestrian crossings. The first one will be through Piątkowska Street. The second one will be in the vicinity of the railway viaduct, through the extension of Świerszcza Street towards Obywatelska Street. The second zebra crossing will connect the new sidewalk with its further part under the railway viaduct and will be additionally lit,” the ZDM outlined the scope of works. .

Changes will also take place on the road itself. As the road engineers explained, the section near the viaduct must be rebuilt to accommodate a new sidewalk, which will be up to 2.5 meters wide under the viaduct. For safety reasons, this section of the sidewalk will be separated from the road with barriers. The traffic organization will also change – at the exit from the extension of Świerszcza Street, there will be a “stop” sign instead of the current “yield” sign.

The Municipal Roads Authority is waiting for offers from potential contractors until January 31. “The selected company will have 8 months from the date of signing the contract to build the new sidewalk. This means that pedestrians will be able to use it in the fall of this year,” it added.

Other sidewalk investments

Road engineers listed recent investments: at the end of last year, a completely new sidewalk was built at Modlińska Street, and a new sidewalk was also built on Powązkowska Street.

“We also do not forget about the existing sidewalks that need to be refreshed. This was the case on Broniewskiego Street, where, as part of the civic budget, we renovated the sidewalk and the bicycle path. Also, as part of the civic budget, we are rebuilding the sidewalk on Wrocławska Street, where the works are nearing completion,” ZDM said. He also noted that the sidewalk on Powstańców Śląskich Street has also undergone changes.

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Pedestrians are poorly visible on Szamocin Streettvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: ZDM

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