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Warsaw. New subway ads. They will cover not only the mosaics, but also some of the strips with the names of the stations

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It might have seemed that after the outrage over the idea of ​​hanging advertising screens on the walls of underground stations, which involved the devastation of the original decoration of some of them, the metro authorities would consider abandoning these plans. Nothing could be further from the truth – there will be even more ads.

Metro Warszawskie is modernizing the system of advertisements located at the first line stations. As the press office explained earlier, “advertising media on the M1 line are being replaced due to the need to standardize them and thus increase the aesthetic level of the station’s interior.” However, the proposed solutions raise doubts among passengers and Varsavianists. We have recently informed about advertisements that are supposed to cover the ceramic mosaics on the dam walls of the Ursynów station. In addition, it turned out that the advertisements will be larger, illuminated and grouped in one place, and their size means that some of the strips with station names have to be removed from the walls and moved to other places.

The changes were agreed with the Public Transport Authority. – The proposals prepared by Stroeer regarding the change of the advertising system at individual stations were submitted by Metro Warszawskie to ZTM in 2021. After making the necessary changes to the projects, we received approval for the modernization in the implemented scope – assured us Anna Bartoń, spokeswoman for Metro Warszawskie.

In turn, ZTM spokesman Tomasz Kunert informed the portal Transport-Publiczny.pl that Currently, it is being verified whether the works are carried out in accordance with the presented concept. – In case of irregularities, MW will be obliged to remove them – he announced. Officials approved the project, but they had conditions. They stipulated, inter alia, that “it is unacceptable to limit passenger information with advertisements, in particular to obscure station names on congestion walls”.

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Ads vs strips with station names

Transport-Public.pl, however, has found documents that prove that ZTM agreed to interrupt and dismantle strips with station names. The correspondence regarding new advertising media shows that in September 2021, Metro “provided a revised and supplemented concept”, which was a response to ZTM’s earlier comments.

In one of the magazines quoted by the portal, Grzegorz Popielarz, director of the rental and advertising office in Metro Warszawskie, reminded that currently on the dam walls of the M1 station there is an infoscreen system, which “in a way obscures the passenger information area” with its construction. He also explains that, based on the ad placement allowed so far, Stroer planned in the project “continuation and consistency of this solution, which was intended to organize the advertising message”.

“However, in order to meet the concerns related to obscuring the information with the name of the station on the blue central strip of the walls, the modernization project will be supplemented by increasing the number of inscriptions with the name of the station, thanks to which passengers will always have a board legible from every place. However, it is not necessary , because a voice message with the name of the next station is emitted on trains, and the legibility of the existing markings is not negatively received” – said ZTM Popielarz.

According to the portal, Metro in this way referred to a precedent – the previous interruption of the continuity of strips with station names justified the method of mounting new advertising media. The author of the article estimates that under the motto of “coherence” and “organization of the advertising message”, Metro leads to the dismantling of strips on longer sections and an increase in the number of advertising media.

“The answer to the comments regarding the obscuring of station names is to ‘increase the number of inscriptions’, i.e. their density on further sections of the congestion wall (it is debatable to what extent the inscription glued in a completely different place will be visible to passengers whose carriage stopped just at the height of the advertisement). This was shown as an act of goodwill, because there is a message on the trains about the next station” – we read in the article.

ZTM accepted Metro’s explanations and replied at the end of September that it no longer submitted any additional comments to the supplemented documentation. So it seems that the ZTM checking announced after the publications will not change anything.

Advertisements will hang from the ceilings

But this is not the end. Another “novelty” in the modernized advertising system will be advertisements suspended from the ceilings. The Warsaw Metro has provided the Transport-Public.pl portal with visualizations with solutions proposed for the Wilanowska station. They show that at the entrances to the platform there will be LCD screens hanging just above the board with the list of M1 line stations.

Passengers will see them while still on the stairs leading to the platform.

The visualization also shows that the LCD screens on the mezzanines of the Wilanowska station will remain in their current location. The new locations, however, will have carriers on the congestion walls. The portal notes that although the graphics look as if they were installed non-invasively, the contractor did not actually manage to hide the white cable trays led to the new LED boards at the stations where assembly is already underway.

tvnwarszawa.pl / transport-publiczny.pl

Main photo source: Metro Warszawskie / Facebook / Transport-Public.pl

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