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Warsaw. No ground crossing of the tracks in the area of ​​Radślińska and Naczelnikowska streets. Petition

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Inhabitants of Targówek Fabryczny and Szmulowizna are complaining about the lack of a convenient crossing for pedestrians through the railway tracks in the area of ​​Radzyminska and Naczelnikowska Streets. Many of them cross to the other side using a car crossing. Over 100 people signed a petition with an appeal to mark the crossing.

The authors of the petition are members of the Agreement for Prague association. In the content of the appeal, they point out that an alternative to crossing the railroad tracks in the area of ​​the Radzyminska and Naczelnikowska intersection is an old footbridge, without elevators or ramps. “Meanwhile, more and more pedestrians cross the tracks, for example going to the recently opened supermarket or the very frequented Piotr Skarga bus stop” – we read in the petition.

“Project simply unacceptable”

As activists from the association point out, pedestrians often cross the track in a forbidden place, next to the road crossing operating in this place – at the intersection of Radzyminska and Naczelnikowska Streets. “This is partly due to the lack of accessibility (some pedestrians are people with mobility limitations), and partly to the fact that the legal road requiring two passes through Radzyminska Street after two (!) Viaducts is more than twice as long” – they explain. For many residents: parents with children in a pram or people with disabilities it is an insurmountable barrier.

Activists emphasize that the problem was to be solved with the completion of the construction of the Praga section of the Śródmieście bypass. “Unfortunately, the construction is still not approaching the implementation phase, and the bypass project consolidates the current, anti-speed solutions – it assumes that pedestrians will not be able to cross the railway line directly to the eastern side of Radzyminska Street, but will have to cross two viaducts again. such a project is simply unacceptable “- they emphasize in the petition.

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In their opinion, the renovation of the railway crossing by PKP PLK carried out last autumn was an opportunity to improve the comfort of pedestrians in this place. However, the track crossings have not been marked out. “It was not done because the crossing would not meet the technical requirements in terms of its width. Likewise, no convenient connection of the currently constructed Warszawa Targówek station with the vicinity of Naczelnikowska Street was planned” – explain the activists.


“A petition is a form of pressure”

On Saturday, near the railroad crossing at the intersection of Radzyminska and Naczelnikowska, activists from the Agreement for Praga were collecting signatures for the petition. The action also continues on Sunday. Banners with the slogan: “We want to pass legally” were hung on the railings of the footbridge and right next to the railway crossing.

– A petition is a form of pressure on decision-makers to agree on this place so that it can be made available to pedestrians, cyclists or people in wheelchairs. But do it here and now and not wait for the construction of the bypass to do so. The simplest solution that this place allows is simply to build several dozen meters of pavement. It is a cheap and quick solution – tells us Krzysztof Michalski from the Agreement for Praga association.

– About half of the journey here is downwards, even though there is a footbridge there. Unfortunately, this one is very uncomfortable, without elevators and ramps – emphasizes Michalski.

To the minister, president and president

The petition is addressed to the minister of infrastructure, the president of PKP PLK and the president of Warsaw. – It depends on the agreement between railroad workers and the city whether this spatial barrier will be removed – adds Michalski.

In the petition, activists call for: the Ministry of Infrastructure to issue a decision on a departure from the technical conditions for the crossing and its appointment by PKP PLK as soon as possible. In addition, they call for a change in the design of the Śródmieście bypass in the area of ​​Radzyminska Street, so that it takes into account the interests of pedestrians and cyclists and their increased interest in service points on the eastern side of Radzyminska Street, as well as establishing a convenient connection between the vicinity of Szmulowizna and Targówek Fabryczny with the Warszawa Targówek railway stop under construction.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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