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Warsaw. Number 112. This is how operators work

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Almost a million calls were received in 2023 by the operators of the Warsaw emergency number 112. They work on 12-hour shifts, day and night. There are days when operators receive more than 200 calls.

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Warsaw Crisis Management Office on Monday, during which the operators of the 112 emergency number were awarded, as well as primary school students – winners of the literary competition “112 – this number saves lives”. The awards were presented by the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, and the Voivode of Masovia, Mariusz Frankowski.

The mayor of the capital thanked the operators of the 112 number for their hard work. – They save lives every day, every hour. They are well-educated and very dedicated to their work, he added.

– During 2023, the operators of the Warsaw emergency number 112 received almost a million calls. More than 30 percent of these calls were unjustified, and this number really saves lives, he noted. He emphasized that this is not an information number, but a life-saving number.

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They answer the phone within nine seconds

The Masovian Voivode said that Mazovia is unique because there are two emergency notification centers in the voivodeship. One in Warsaw, where almost 70 people work, and the other located in Radom, where 140 people work.

– This work is extremely important and important for all of us. The response speed, response time, which is one of the lowest – answering the phone – is only nine seconds, and the reaction and the conversation itself are on average about 150 seconds. And above all, the decisions made by operators are a matter of the safety of each of us, a matter of life and death,” the voivode said.

He emphasized that this is a life-saving number and the number of false reports should be as low as possible. He appealed to people to remember to dial this number only in really serious situations and not to make jokes. He also reminded that false reports to this number may result in a fine.

Patient address “is 80 percent of success”

One of the honorees, the coordinator of the Emergency Notification Center in Warsaw, Michał Żochowski, said that these awards are actually a summary of the entire year for the employee.

– You have to give your all when you come to work every day and be helpful to the person who calls you. In my case, I think this award could have been for one of the entries. I only had a few seconds to make a decision, he said. He said that it concerned a situation when the entire family fainted because of a broken gas heater. – I managed to quickly get the address and find the place. Then I received information from the firefighters that the family had been saved, he explained.

He said that in such cases, it may seem at first glance that the person is intoxicated because he or she speaks gibberishly and indistinctly, and suddenly the call ends because the person fainted. – But when it’s winter, it’s worth always keeping in mind that it may be a case of poisoning from a gas heater – he said.

He emphasized that for such a telephone call to be most effective, the most important thing is to provide the correct address. – If we have an address, we are actually 80 percent successful – he added. He noted that the children were great at giving addresses and that the children worked well together.

The operator receives up to 200 calls during duty

Katarzyna Kazimierczak, deputy head of CPR in Warsaw, explained that operators work 12-hour shifts, day and night. – When it comes to the number of calls, it all depends on what day it is, what time of day it is, what the weather is like outside – she emphasized.

– There are days when operators answer more than 200 calls, and there are days when the shifts are much quieter. It’s quieter at night, especially when it’s cooler and fewer people go out. In summer, especially Friday and Saturday nights, there is an increased number of connections. Then especially those characterized by emotions, including negative ones,” she noted.

When asked in what situations one should call 112, she replied that one should call when there is a sudden threat to health, life, property, environment and public safety. – Even if we are wondering whether to call 112, it is definitely a better decision to call and at most hear from the operator that (…) we can obtain information in a different way than not to call at all – she added.

The European Emergency Number 112 Day was celebrated on February 11. In 2023, there were 17 emergency notification centers in Poland that received calls to the emergency numbers: 112, 997 and 998.

The Emergency Notification Center in Warsaw has been operating for 10 years. The first alarm call was received on November 27, 2013.

Main photo source: TVN24

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