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Warsaw. Objection to the judgment in the Beata Kozidrak case. In the defense attorney’s opinion, she was punished too harshly

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Defender of Beata Kozidrak appealed against the injunction for driving under the influence of alcohol. In his opinion, the penalty of six months of community service and a five-year driving ban is too harsh. The case will be re-examined by the court.

Beata Kozidrak was sentenced by the order of the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów at the end of October. The court found her guilty of drunk driving and sentenced her to six months of community service. He also issued a five-year driving ban. Moreover, the court ordered her to pay PLN 10,000 to the Victims’ Assistance Fund and the Post-penitentiary Assistance.

The sentence was prescriptive, i.e. it was issued at the meeting without the participation of the parties. This is the case in misdemeanor and minor offense cases where the court considers, on the basis of the material collected during the police investigation, that it is not necessary to hold a hearing. The premises are undoubtedly the circumstances of the case and the guilt of the accused who does not raise any doubts.

The parties had until November 15 to raise objections. – The court received an objection filed by the defender of the accused – judge Beata Adamczyk-Łabuda, spokeswoman for the District Court in Warsaw informed us.

– Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in the event of an objection by any of the parties to the proceedings, the injunction loses its force, i.e. it is considered null and void. The document is in the case files, but the content of the ruling declared void is not bound by the court that will hear the case – explains judge Adamczyk-Łabuda.

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In an interview with Onet.pl, the singer’s defender Marcin Mamiński commented on the matter. – The reason was simple. As a defender of Ms Beata Kozidrak, I believe that the punishment is too harsh. Therefore, we decided to appeal against the judgment. However, we do not agree with media reports that Beata simply did not want to do community service – he informed.

Detained for drunk driving

The incident took place on September 1 in Mokotów. Other drivers informed the police that the driver of a BMW might be intoxicated. A pair of witnesses, traveling in the same direction as the singer, noticed that the vehicle she was driving chaotically changed lanes and was approaching very close to the vehicles. According to one of the interviewed persons, the BMW was also driving over curbs. The incident was recorded by a passenger of another car. It was the witnesses who prevented the artist from leaving the intersection of al. Niepodległości and ul. Batory until the arrival of the police.

At the scene, Kozidrak told the police that the day before she was at a meeting that ended around 2 am. It was then that she was supposed to consume wine, according to her account, she drank about a liter of alcohol. At the police station, during questioning as a suspect, she pleaded guilty but exercised the right to remain silent and answer questions.

Immediately after the detention, the test showed two per mille of alcohol in the air exhaled by the artist.

Statement by Beata Kozidrak

On September 2, the singer of the band Bajm issued a short statement. On social media she wrote: “Beloved, I’m sorry everyone. I know that I let you down. I regret with all my heart what happened yesterday. I am very ashamed of it. I know that I have to bear the consequences of what happened. I am ready for it.” .

No preventive measures were taken against her, and after the incident, the police only secured her driving license. The artist had not been punished before.

Main photo source: PAP / StrefaG Gwiazd / Marcin Kmieciński

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