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Warsaw. Offers for the renovation of Chmielna exceed the budget, works are delayed again

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The capital’s town hall has learned about the offers of companies willing to carry out a thorough renovation of Chmielna and Bracka streets. More than one and a half million zlotys are missing, which means that the start of work will be delayed again.

On Friday, the public procurement website of the capital city hall published information about the opening of bids in a tender for the reconstruction of Chmielna and Bracka streets (on the section from Aleje Jerozolimskie to Krucza). Three companies would like to undertake the renovation of both streets: the consortium of Balzola Polska and PHU Brukstar, whose offer amounts to almost PLN 22 million for works on Chmielna Street and PLN 5.4 million for works on Bracka Street, Adrog – PLN 32.4 million and PLN 4.6 million, and Rakom – PLN 33.7 million and PLN 7.9 million. The Mabau company, which wants to renovate the street for less than PLN 8 million, has also applied for the tender for the reconstruction of Bracka Street.

Half a million zlotys are missing

The budget reserved by the city for both investments is PLN 20.5 million for Chmielna and PLN 4.5 million for the renovation of Bracka. This means that when choosing the cheapest options, you will still miss a little more than one and a half million zlotys.

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– The formal evaluation of the bids will take place over the next month. And only after its completion we will know exactly how much money is needed for the renovation of Chmielna and Bracka – Paweł Siedlecki, spokesman for the Śródmieście district office, told “Gazeta Stołeczna”.

The start date of the work is uncertain. Originally, the renovation was supposed to start in August. From the last adjustment of the schedule, which was communicated by the capital city hall at the end of May, shows that the winner of the tender should be announced at the turn of July and August this year. Construction works would start about a month after the contractor was selected, i.e. at the beginning of September. – We assume that the works will start at the turn of September and October – admitted Siedlecki, quoted by “Stołeczna”.

Dispute with the conservator of monuments

In the summer of 2021, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski announced the winning design of the new Chmielna Street. The first place was won by the RS Architektura Landscape studio, known, among others, for its design of the Vistula Boulevards. At that time, the architects admitted that they wanted a “timeless street setting”, which would also support the already functioning catering and commercial activities. They also wanted the space to have a walking character – they paid a lot of attention to greenery, so that – as they admitted – the crowns of trees could provide shade and favorable conditions for restaurant gardens in the summer.

However, the Mazowieckie Voivodship Conservator of Monuments had doubts. The layout of Chmielna on the Nowy Świat – Wiecha passage section is entered in the register of monuments. Therefore, the proposed changes required his approval. Prof. Jakub Lewicki recommended that the trees should appear on the side squares, and not on Chmielna Street itself. Eventually, an agreement was reached between him and the city. The conservator stated that in the case of Chmielna, green can be a setting for the monument.

Mazovian Voivodship Conservator of Monuments about greenery in historic spaceTomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

How will Chmielna change?

The modernization street project includes replacement of the surface – concrete blocks will be replaced by granite slabs, using the existing foundation. Elements of small architecture: walls, pots with greenery, benches (at the Atlantic cinema and Bukinista Square) and posts will be replaced. In total, 64 pieces of furniture are to be placed on Chmielna Street: city chairs, benches and large benches.

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Trees will be planted along the street: 95 on Chmielna and 38 on Bracka. These will be supplemented with shrubs and perennials. “The location of the trees has been selected so as not to obscure the essential elements of the facades of the buildings and to enable the functioning of the gastronomic gardens. The designers also took into account climate change in the context of retention of urban greenery – trees and shrubs on Chmielna Street will absorb rainwater” – informed the capital city hall.

The works on Chmielna will also include the renovation of the lighting – the old streetlights will be replaced with LED ones. Ease of movement for cyclists has been planned. In addition, the issue of parking and entry to Chmielna Street will be regulated. This mainly concerns the traffic of vans and cars currently blocking the connection with the Wiecha Passage.

tvnwarszawa.pl, “Gazeta Stołeczna”

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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