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Warsaw. Officials fined the cooperative for improper segregation of waste

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A housing cooperative in Ursynów was charged with an additional fine for incorrect segregation of municipal waste. The bill for eight blocks totaled PLN 87,000.

The case described by “Gazeta Stołeczna” concerns the “Imielin” Building and Housing Cooperative. It is about eight blocks at four streets in Ursynów: Miklaszewskiego, Warchałowskiego, Wasilkowskiego and Hirszfelda. District officials imposed a penalty fee on the cooperative for failure to comply with the mandatory waste segregation. According to “Stołeczna”, the amounts are different: there are 6.6 thousand sq m per one building. PLN, for another 14 thousand. PLN, and the highest rate is PLN 19.4 thousand. zloty. On the other hand, the bill for all is almost 87 thousand. zloty.

The cooperative plans to introduce monitoring

The president of the cooperative, Rafał Januszkiewicz, said in an interview with the daily that an appeal had been filed with the Self-Government Board of Appeals in this case. “After analyzing the financial condition of the property, we did not increase the fees for our residents, this is the last thing we want to do in such difficult times. Proper waste segregation is not only a problem for our cooperative (…). However, it is a large cooperative and unfortunately we are not able to watch over every garbage bag thrown into the container,” said Januszkiewicz, quoted by “Stołeczna”.

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A few days ago, a message appeared on the cooperative’s website in which it appealed to residents “to take this topic seriously and sort garbage into the appropriate containers”. “Let’s pay attention to what we throw into individual containers. We will constantly remind about it, but we will not put a gendarme at each container to check what people bring in bags and where they put it. We can end collective responsibility for this. Monitoring systems they are getting cheaper and better in quality. If we could determine who exactly is responsible for the lack of selective collection, then in the event of such a situation ending in a penalty, we would have a candidate for reimbursement. In addition, the safety and order around the garbage gazebos would improve. the introduction of such a solution and, where possible, we will implement it later this year.

That’s not the first time

As described by “Gazeta Stołeczna”, a list of addresses where waste is mixed is submitted to the Waste Management Office in the capital city hall. From there they wander to the districts. As Monika Beuth, a spokeswoman for the city hall, quoted by the newspaper, points out, the mayor of the city “is obliged to initiate proceedings to determine the amount of the increased fee against the property owner who fails to fulfill the obligation to selectively collect waste”.

“In the case of this cooperative, there have been multiple cases of incorrect segregation of municipal waste in the past in 2021-2022, about which the cooperative was informed in writing. The waste collection operator noted cases of non-segregation by the cooperative also this year” – she indicated in an interview with ” Stołeczna” Kamila Terpiał, spokeswoman for the Ursynów district.

The fee for garbage collection in the block is PLN 85 per household. On the other hand, owners of single-family houses pay PLN 107 per month. For those who segregate waste incorrectly or avoid segregation, the fee is double the rate for segregators.

“Gazeta Stołeczna”, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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