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Warsaw. Older woman cheated by accident method. Three men charged with fraud

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A resident of Warsaw believed that her son had a car accident and needed money to pay the patron. She donated over PLN 20,000, money in other currencies and jewelry.

Good-naturedness and credulity are still preyed on by criminals who commit fraud using the “grandson, policeman, prosecutor or road accident” method.

– So it was in this case. The old lady believed the person who called her that her son had been in a car accident and needed help. As a result, she transferred her savings to the alleged patron: PLN 24,000, USD 180, EUR 200, 2.5 thousand Swedish crowns and jewelry: two rings and a chain – described Edyta Adamus from the press section of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

The case was handled by the police officers from the Criminal Division of the Capital Police Headquarters. They found out where the person who took the money from the victim could be.

– They went to the vicinity of one of Warsaw’s shopping centers, where the transfer of money was to take place. There was a suspicious man there. During the observation, two other people also noticed. The police suspected that the 29-year-old was to give money and jewelry to them, Adamus pointed out.

Charges and arrest

The men under observation went to the taxi stand. Then the policemen decided to identify them. – As it turned out, the 29-year-old had an envelope with money in different currencies and two wedding rings and a chain. When asked where he got the money and jewelry, he said that he had picked them up several dozen minutes earlier. After a thorough check, it turned out that it was money and jewelry that the injured woman gave to the alleged patron – she pointed out.

Two other men were also identified. Adamus said that they were: “a 25-year-old, previously repeatedly noted for fraud with the method of a police officer, currently on a conditional leave from prison, and his 23-year-old accomplice.”

The men were arrested and the police established that they knew each other. During the investigation, it turned out that the 29-year-old had already received money from other people deceived in this way. – In the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa Śródmieście Północ in Warsaw, men heard allegations of fraud. The court, at the request of the prosecutor, temporarily arrested them for three months, Adamus concluded.

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A woman and five men were arrested by the policeKSP

Main photo source: KSP

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