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Warsaw. On Friday, road builders will start work on Czekazyńskiego. Big changes in traffic

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The town hall announced works on one of the most important streets in Warsaw’s Bielany. On Friday, July 21, road builders will start the renovation of Czekajńskiego. During the works, the roadway will be closed to traffic, and drivers and buses will take detours. The works are part of the metamorphosis of the Bielany street connecting Piaski with Stare Bielany.

After the replacement of the pavement on Perzyńskiego Street, carried out at a faster than expected pace, road workers working on behalf of the Municipal Roads Authority are moving to Czekazyńskiego Street.

Work on this street is expected to last until the end of August.

Movement changes

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On Friday, July 21, from approx. 6, Czekazyńskiego Street will be closed to traffic on sections from ul. Żeromskiego to Kasprowicz and from Kasprowicz to Marymoncka. Stopping prohibition signs are already in force here, set several days in advance.

Schroeger, Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, Barcicka, Leśmian and Cegłowska streets will lose their connection to the renovated road. Two-way traffic will be introduced on the previously one-way roadways of Schroegera Street. On the roadway of Kasprowicz towards Sakharów, behind Swarzewska Street, a right-turning press will be fenced off.

Czekazyńskiego Street – detour of the closed sectionWarsaw City Hall


A detour of the difficulties has been designated along Żeromskiego Street and Aleja Zjednoczenia – to Kasprowicz or Marymoncka, and then along Sacharowa Street.

Buses of line 181 will take the detour route only towards Plac Wilsona – directly along Marymoncka Street, bypassing Aleja Zjednoczenia, Kasprowicza and Dobrze, and thus will not reach the Metro Stare Bielany 01 stop. In the opposite direction, on the way to the Northern Cemetery, buses will run along the route primary.

Pedestrian crossings through the street Czekazyńskiego – at Schroegera and Kasprowicza – will be made available alternately, i.e. once on one side of the intersection, once on the other. Zebra at Marymoncka will be narrowed, but available all the time. On the other hand, in the area of ​​Żeromski, pedestrians will cross the zebra crossing on Perzyńskiego Street to the other side of the intersection.

Big changes on Bielany arteries

The almost two-kilometre-long stretch of Rudnickiego, Perzyńskiego and Sprzedażyńskiego Streets is one of the most important thoroughfares of Bielany. However, its surface was already exploited, and the driving comfort was also reduced by the traffic organization at several intersections. That is why Warsaw road workers from the Municipal Roads Authority undertook a comprehensive reconstruction of these streets.

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Residents about Socrates’ changesTVN24

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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