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Warsaw. On Independence Day, they jumped from 1,500 meters with the great Polish flag

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Five parachute jumpers celebrated the Independence Day with a jump from a height of 1,500 meters with the great Polish flag. They have been preparing for it for a year.

The editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Mr. Piotr Świeboda, the organizer of the Independence Day jump with a parachute and the Polish flag. As he reported, on Thursday, five jumpers from Sky Magic, the Warsaw Aero Club and the Training Center for Altitude, Rescue and Parachute from Poznań set a Polish record in the total area of ​​flags during the jump.

– There were a total of 1,100 square meters of flags. In this way, the jumpers celebrated the 103rd anniversary of independence. It was a team work well done – stressed Świeboda.

They jumped with the great flag of PolandKontakt24, Olga “Wiewiórka” Żaglewska


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“The flags weighed a total of over 120 kilograms”

He noted that the jumpers who took part in the jump were the most experienced showmen in Poland: – The flags with which they jumped weighed a total of over 120 kilograms. The weather conditions were perfect: a light breeze. There was a bit of a wind up there. At 1,500 meters, even 13 meters per second. The jumpers had to be very careful. Any additional maneuver could result in a landing not where it was planned.

But as the organizer of the Thursday action himself noticed, the jumpers always have to be careful, because they have to do everything the first time. – They can’t go gas and go around. When they popped out, they must land. And they all jumped out: five jumpers and two camermans. All the bowls opened and it was possible to open the flags – said Mr. Piotr. – The flags were spread at an altitude of 1,000 meters. They all landed where they were supposed to land. It was safe, epic and amazing – he concluded. According to his report, they prepared for this jump the whole year: – Two weeks ago we did training, Warsaw is a difficult place to land due to the nearby airports and air traffic. The jumpers jumped together in training to be prepared for what the flag would do when it was opened.

They plan to make a similar jump on May 2.

They jumped with the great flag of PolandKontakt24, Olga “Wiewiórka” Żaglewska

tvnwarszawa.pl, Contact 24

Main photo source: Kontakt24, Olga “Wiewiórka” Żaglewska

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