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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Warsaw. On November 11, 2021, there will be no “Niepodległa dla Everyone” march. 14 Women of the Bridge cancel the event

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The group of 14 Women from the Bridge canceled the “Independent for All” event scheduled for November 11 in the center of the capital. The organizers decided to take this step, even though their congregation was legally registered by the capital city hall. At the afternoon conference, they explained that due to the fact that the march of nationalists had acquired the status of a state celebration, they would not be able to ensure security during it. They also assessed that the decision to give him such a rank was “a violation of the civil right to protest”.

The assembly of “Niepodległa dlaszyst” was to begin with speeches at the Dmowski roundabout. Then the march along Aleje Jerozolimskie and the Poniatowski Bridge towards the grounds of the National Stadium was planned. The organizers, however, decided to cancel the event because on Tuesday, the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression announced that it was granting the status of a state celebration to the Independence March, which national circles announced, despite the fact that the courts overturned the decision of the Masovian voivode to register this assembly as cyclical.

A group of 14 Women from Most published a statement on Wednesday. As emphasized, they “communicate their decision with full conviction that it should have been done”.


A conference of the group of 14 Women from the Bridge in front of the KSP headquarters TVN24

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On November 11, 2021, there will be no “Independent for All” march – statement by 14 Women from the Bridge

“The alliance between the ruling party and neo-fascists is a fact. The organization of the state celebrations of the November 11th anniversary by the brown coalition will not be its official establishment, but a spectacular confirmation of the cooperation that has been going on for a long time and is paid by PiS with our money. Warsaw will therefore march with hate slogans. It will be a priority for the services. They will do everything so that nobody and nothing disturbs the nationalist coalition celebration under the sign of the phalanx. It is impossible to conduct a peaceful gathering in these conditions, at the same time and place, “said the activists.

They also explained that their main priority was to ensure the safety of participants and participants. “We would like to remind you that the event of the 14 Women of the Bridge was planned as a story about human rights, realized in a scenario that required a completely different environment. Along with the state’s PiS-fascist celebrations, the environment completely excludes it” – they emphasized.

The activists accused the ruling party that “it will do everything and use any unlawful, violent methods to prove that Poland belongs to it”. “We did not decide to organize the event elsewhere for a simple reason – it would be a recognition that unlawful methods can move a citizen like a pawn on the map of Warsaw, that we agree to assign us a place – as long as it is away from the Women’s Rights Roundabout. bandit actions of the ruling party. We cannot do it “- emphasized the organizers.

In the statement, they also urged people to be present in the city space of Warsaw during the Independence Day, “where there will be other peaceful and safe events affirming human rights and opposition to hatred.”

“This is a violation of the civic right to protest, express one’s opinion, to assemble”

– We decided that our event cannot take place because we are not able to guarantee its participants and participants safety, and it was an absolute priority for us. Our event was to take the form of a street mini-panel, discussing human rights. We wanted to give a voice to people, human rights specialists and practitioners, so that they could tell us how it is, how bad it is, and that we could tell a story about the Poland of our dreams. In a situation in which we were to be illegally surrounded by a crowd of thousands of people gathered by neo-fascist circles, this event completely loses its sense. It is also technically impossible to implement – said Ewa Błaszczyk, one of the organizers of “Niepodległej dla all”, at the afternoon conference.

The second of them, Agnieszka Wierzbicka, added that due to the fact that the march of nationalists will be a state event, all services such as the police, gendarmerie and State Protection Services will be located there. “So we couldn’t ensure the security and the appropriate message we care about,” she explained.

In her opinion, the march of nationalists was “reported and processed in violation of the basic procedures related to organizing such events”. – What PiS did in conjunction with the neo-fascist milieu is completely unlawful action. What is happening now is nothing but a violation of the civic right to protest, to express one’s opinions, to assemble, to regain Warsaw in such a context that it will stop burning with flares, burning with hatred on November 11, ‘she concluded.

Main photo source: TVN24

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