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Warsaw. On red, in front of the pedestrian. Recording

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Dangerous situation at the crossing in Warsaw. The driver ran into a zebra at a red light. The pedestrian noticed in time and slowed down. Everything was recorded by the bus driver.

The incident took place on Wisłostrada near the Legia stadium, in the direction of Żoliborz. The driver recorded the dangerous situation with a camera mounted on the bus. The video shows the author of the video approaching the intersection, the light on the traffic light changes to red. Therefore, according to the rules, it stops.

In the lane next to it, already at a red light, an ambulance with its siren drives by. Three seconds later, pedestrians step on the zebra. The woman who crosses the road first crosses the middle lane, then, almost in front of her nose, a speeding Toyota drives by. The woman stops, the driver does not even slow down. He goes on.

The video is circulating online. “This is what the book says about not giving way to a pedestrian on a pedestrian crossing while running a red light. PLN 3,000, 30 penalty points and a suspended driving license. Is it worth it?” – we read in one of the comments on Twitter. The popular bandit profile with a camera posted a fragment of the recording, the whole thing can be seen on the YouTube channel “From the Streets of Warsaw”.

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The case may go to court

We asked the police what could happen to the Toyota driver if he was tracked down. As we heard, the likely amount of the fine that appeared on Twitter is probably the sum of the “valuation” of three offenses: running a red light, not giving way to pedestrians and passing a vehicle that gives way.

However, as we heard unofficially, hardly any policeman would decide to issue such a fine. “If I were dealing with such a case, I would take the matter to court,” we hear from the police.

It is about Article 86 of the Codes of Offenses, which reads: Whoever on a public road, in a residential area or traffic zone, without taking due care, causes a threat to road safety, is punishable by a fine.

This would result in a heavy fine and loss of driver’s license. – In this case we are talking about a high level of risk. The driver ran a red light, forced the pedestrian to stop, and also posed a threat to people coming from the left, police summed up.

Main photo source: From the streets of Warsaw

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