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Warsaw. On the long weekend, Powązkowska will be closed from Maczka Street to the intersection with Krasińskiego

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Powązkowska Street, from Maczek to Krasiński, will be milled. The works will last from 7 to 11 June. During this time, the street will be completely closed to traffic. Also public transport will go differently.

On the long June weekend, June 7-11, road workers will mill the old and lay a new surface between Generala Maczka Street and Krasińskiego Street. Works will begin on Wednesday, June 7, at 10:00 pm.

In the next stage, Warsaw’s road builders will replace the surface on the southern roadway of Powązkowska between Krasińskiego and Niemena.

Changes in traffic organization

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Both roadways of Powązkowska on the repaired section will be completely closed to traffic. For this reason, people driving along Maczka street from Powstańców Śląskich at the Victims of the Katyń Crime roundabout, over the S8 route, will not go straight. The lane layout will change before this intersection. One of the straight lanes will turn into a left turn, the other will be closed – traffic on the outer lanes will remain unchanged. At the roundabout itself, there will be an order to turn left into Aleja Armii Krajowej.

Changes in the organization of traffic will also occur at the intersection of Powązkowska, Krasiński and Ficowskiego streets. It will not be possible to enter the renovated Powązkowska from any of these streets. The extreme right lane will be fenced off on Krasińskiego Street, and you will only be able to go straight from the middle lane, with the possibility of turning left next to it. On Powązkowska, the middle lane will be fenced off from Rydygier’s side, and you will only be able to turn right from the extreme right lane. The left turn on this road will remain unchanged.

It will also be impossible to leave the renovated section of Powązkowska from the housing estate roads.


Designated detours

During the works, the zebra crossing through Powązkowska Street will be closed. Pedestrians will be directed to adjacent crossings.

For the renovated section of Powązkowska, detours will be made along Armii Krajowej Avenue to Broniewskiego Street and then Krasińskiego or Elbląska, Broniewskiego and Armii Krajowej Avenue.

Drivers will be able to avoid difficulties by heading to Okopowa Street, Jana Pawła II Avenue, Broniewskiego Street, Reymonta Avenue and Powstańców Śląskich Avenue.

Detour of Powązkowska Streetinfoulice.um.warszawa.pl

Detour buses

Due to milling from Wednesday, June 7, in the evening to Monday, June 12, the routes of bus lines 103, 122, 180, 221 and 409 will change in the morning.

Line buses 103 will be directed to a detour along Krasińskiego, Elbląska and Broniewskiego streets. Buses will also be able to avoid traffic jams 180 and 409 – they will continue along Galla Anonima and Kochanowskiego Streets to Conrad, a 122 will run along Broniewskiego, Aleja Armii Krajowej and General Maczek. From Thursday to Sunday – from 8 to 11 June – line buses 221 will travel along the extended route: Dworzec Gdański (L. Rydygiera) – Indrzejczyk – Rydygiera – Powązkowska – Krasiński to Plac Wilsona.

Powązkowska Street will be reopened on Monday, June 12, around 5.00. Then the line buses 103, 122, 180, 221 and 409 will return to their previous routes.


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Main photo source: ZDM

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