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Warsaw. On Tuesday, trams will run on a new route on Kasprzaka Street

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On Tuesday, March 5, a new tram route to Kasprzak in Wola will be opened. On March 25, trams will return to Wolska Street.

Preparations for the opening of a new route require changes in the organization of communication. On Monday, March 4, tram drivers have planned to dismantle the overlay turnout near the Fort Wola stop, where the trams of line 76 change direction (they run between the Młociny Metro and Fort Wola, because the further section of the route on Wolska Street is impassable). This requires stopping tram traffic on Powstańców Śląskich and Połczyńska streets from Górczewska – to Fort Wola.

Work will start approx. 9.30, after the morning traffic rush, and will last all day. Then trams on line 76 and buses on the replacement line Z26 will change their routes. Trams 76 will run from Metro Młociny only to the Osiedle Górczewska loop. The last trip from the Bemowo 07 Metro stop towards Fort Wola will be at 9.42, while the last one from the Fort Wola 04 stop towards Metro Młociny at 10.

Buses on the Z26 line will run between Metro Płocka and Osiedle Górczewska (note, they will reach the stops at Klemensiewicza Street). The first trip from Metro Płock towards Bemowo will be at 9.29. The last journey from the Cmentarz Wolski final stop towards Metro Płock is scheduled for 9.47 – after this time, buses will run directly along Wolska Street.

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Which lines will run through Kasprzak?

From Tuesday, March 5, trams lines 10, 11, 26 and 27 will run on new tracks on Kasprzaka Street. ZTM reported that the planned frequency is 8 minutes during peak hours and 12 minutes outside of it.

Changes in the tram line layout from March 5UM Warsaw

“Eleven” will be a peak line – trams will run only on weekdays during peak traffic hours. Trams of line 13 will reach the PKP Wola (Wolska) stops, on Wolska Street behind the intersection with al. Primate of the Millennium. Buses on the Z26 replacement line will remain on their route between the Wolski Cemetery and the Płocka metro station, and trams lines 73 and 76 will stop running.

In the second stage, from March 25, trams will return to the modernized tracks on Wolska Street. Tram lines 10 and 11 will remain on their routes. The route of line 13 will be extended to the Wola Cemetery. The routes of lines 26 and 27 will change – trams will go straight along Wolska Street, bypassing Skierniewicka and Kasprzak. Buses on the Z26 line will stop running.

Changes in the tram line layout from March 25UM Warsaw

Over two kilometers of new tracks

Tram drivers built approximately 2.3 km of new tracks between Wolska and Skierniewicka streets and modernized approximately 1.2 km of the existing tracks along Wolska and Kasprzaka streets. As part of the investment, tram drivers will plant 94 new trees. There will also be shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials at tram platforms and intersections, in lanes between roads and along Wolska Street. The trees were designed to complement the rows along Wolska and Kasprzak streets, as well as within the investment. The tracks to Kasprzak will be planted with sedum. On the edge of the tracks and the Powstańców Warszawy park there will be a double, and in some places even triple, line of trees.

Tram to KasprzakUM Warsaw

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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