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Warsaw. One and a half thousand applications for permission to move around the Clean Transport Zone

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The Municipal Roads Authority has started preparations for the introduction of the Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw. It will be effective from July 1. Officials are accepting further applications for permission to move around the zone.

– So far, we have received 1.5 thousand applications for an exemption, i.e. the possibility of driving around the zone for cars that do not meet the requirements – said Jakub Dybalski, ZDM spokesman.

Installation of signage

On Monday, June 10, the Municipal Roads Authority began installing signs informing drivers that they are entering the Clean Transport Zone. Signage in the form of a green car symbol on a white background will appear in several dozen places on the border of the zone. The one in Warsaw covers a total of 37 square kilometers, or approximately seven percent of the city's area. A link to an interactive map with marked SCT boundaries is available on the website um.warszawa.pl/sct.

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The zone will cover the entire city center and parts of the central districts. Its border will run along: Prymasa Tysiąclecia Avenue – from Aleje Jerozolimskie to the junction with the railway line No. 20 in the area of ​​ul. Czorsztyńska; railway lines no. 20, 501, 9 and 7; Wiatraczna Street; Avenue of the United States; Łazienkowski Bridge; People's Army Avenue; Wawelska Street; Kopińska Street from ul. Wawelska to ppłk. M. Sokołowski “Grzymała”; Lt. Col. Street M. Sokołowski “Grzymała”; Aleje Jerozolimskie from ul. Lt. Col. M. Sokołowski “Grzymała” to Prymasa Tysiąclecia Avenue. Border streets will be outside the SCT.

Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw marked in greenWarsaw City Hall

One and a half percent of cars with entry bans

The resolution on the Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw was passed by the Warsaw Council on December 7, 2023. There were 37 councilors in favor, 16 against, and two people abstained from voting. The vote was preceded by a heated discussion and shouts from opponents of the zone, who gathered in large numbers at the session.

From July 1, 2024, the Clean Transport Zone assumes an entry ban for diesel cars older than 18 years and petrol vehicles older than 27 years.

– This is no more than three percent of all cars in Warsaw – noted ZDM director Łukasz Puchalski during a meeting with journalists on Monday. – This three percent includes vehicle owners who will not receive authorizations and owners of vehicles that can apply for them – he noted. Puchalski estimates that Only 1.5 percent of cars in the capital will not be eligible for authorization.

On the website indicated above, officials have prepared the so-called a calculator where you can check whether a given car can enter the SCT. The first step is to select the vehicle you drive. You can choose from: a car up to 3.5 tons, a car above this weight, a motorcycle or scooter and a quad. In the next step, enter the year of production of the vehicle and then the type of fuel. In the last step, you can provide (this is not obligatory) the exhaust emission standard (EURO). If the result for a given car is negative, the person using the calculator will be redirected to a website where they can apply for permission to drive in the zone. During the meeting with journalists, Puchalski emphasized several times that the percentage of cars that will not be able to enter SCT from July 1 is small.

Who is exempt from Clean Transportation Zone requirements?

People living inside the zone and paying taxes in Warsaw will be exempt from meeting the requirements until January 2028 – then they will not be able to drive within the zone with a diesel vehicle older than 13 years or a petrol vehicle older than 22 years. In the case of companies, CIT tax and the company's registered office will be taken into account.

An additional exception has also been introduced for seniors (people who will be 70 years old by the end of 2023), provided that they were owners of their vehicles before the adoption of the SCT resolution. This means that people over 70 years of age, after meeting certain conditions, will be exempt from the rules applicable under SCT indefinitely.

Additional entry exceptions are provided for vehicles meeting one of the following categories. Statutory exclusions: services (e.g. ambulance, police, fire brigade, border guard), vehicles used by people with disabilities, other (e.g. school bus with a trip). Municipal exclusions: antique and historical vehicles – special vehicles that meet the definition used by insurers (e.g. roadside assistance, funeral hearse) are excluded from the ban. Occasional municipal exclusions: random cases, e.g. travel to a hospital, doctor, place of taking the final exam. Occasionally, vehicles that do not meet the appropriate standards may enter SCT four times a year. There is no need to report your intention to occasionally enter the zone.

“Stickers are unnecessary”

Łukasz Puchalski also referred to the issue of stickers to be collected by car owners exempt from the provisions regarding SCT. – Stickers are unnecessary and do not add anything. Both our resolution and the act provide for the possibility of verifying the entitlement by contacting the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers – admitted Puchalski. This means that the services cannot issue a ticket for not having a sticker.

Puchalski pointed out that the stickers pose a logistical problem because they cannot be printed at the driver's service point. Forms with a pictogram must be ordered, which generates additional costs. – We hope that the legislator will withdraw this sticker – said the director of ZDM.

D-54 “clean transport zone”

The camera is intended to help city guards

According to the Code of Petty Offenses, the fine for unauthorized entry into the Clean Transport Zone is PLN 500.. It can be issued by the police and city guards. In recent weeks, ZDM has been testing the operation of a mobile camera that will be handed over to city guards. – The camera has a pre-selection function. The guard can catch vehicles that are “at risk” in advance. However, from the phone or tablet itself, the guard is able to check, without a camera, “at random” whether a given vehicle has permission to enter. He will also be able to check when the driver entered the zone – explained Puchalski.

Mobile camera for checking cars entering SCTZDM Warszawa

– The city guard can place the camera in a different place every day. A police car will be parked a little further from the camera. . The guards in the police car have the image of this camera on the monitor. The operator immediately tells them, based on their registration numbers, which vehicles do not fit into the zone. Those that do not fit into it may be retained, Jakub Dybalski clarified.

At this moment, ZDM will provide city guards with one camera. But it is possible that if the system works, there will be more of them. – It is difficult to build a permanent pre-selection system for a solution that is a pilot – emphasized Puchalski.

ZDM does not have the authority to control entry to the SCT area, therefore it is not possible to use cars with cameras used by road workers to check cars parked in the paid parking zone.

Main photo source: TVN24

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